Just finished watching Ancient Aliens episode on this subject, and it mirrors some of my own musing on what angels really are. I forget why I started questioning about whether angels are extraterrestrials, but possibly it was thinking on my Ladosa Jenavi self. The picture that I used as the header, both for this post and my Ladosa Jenavi post, shows an image that is close to that Self that I once was. This image is close to what Ladosa Jenavi looked like, even the color, which I colorized to get it to the right shade. Yes, she had wings. But they weren’t feathers…they were feelers. They were like the antenna on a moth…they picked up subtle energies.

In the Ancient Aliens episode, they suggest that the wings were merely symbolic that the beings they were interacting with had flight capabilities. I disagree, because I have accessed my wings before, here in the 3D. We all have wings, because we were all once angels. I no longer know what exactly that means though. sigh But I do know that they are energy fibres, not feathers, and are not meant for flight capabilities. When you are non-corporeal, you have no need for flight, any more than you have need for legs. No, the wings are sensing apparatus.

Although they did make an interesting point about how the “angels” in the Bible would ascend and descend vertically. They pointed out that with the wings in the middle of the back, and not at the sides of the body like a bird, horizontal thrust is not possible. They showed jet packs, and you know, if someone more advanced had jet packs, they might have made them look more like wings.


So maybe the angels of the Bible were indeed extraterrestrials with jet packs, allowing them to ascend and descend from UFOs. We know that there were UFOs in ancient pictures. I do think that the angels described in the Bible are not the same things as the angels that I encountered on the Other Side or who I know as my Guardian angel. I remember reading the Bible-or trying to!-and wondering why the angels needed their feet washed and were given food. I didn’t get far in my reading because I just got disgusted with the scenario they were trying to feed me. I found it to be full of misnomers and things that should be questioned as valid.

Now I’ve been meditating on angels and the idea that they are ETs for a little while now, and I got to thinking how Ladosa Jenavi was my first incarnation after I took on free will. She is my angel self in a way…a newly minted Free Will individual. That is not why she had wings though…she needed the wings because she was no longer connected to Source as intimately as before, and needed them open to maneuver around in a different reality/dimension. I know I lived on this other planet for a very long time before coming to this planet to investigate it as a scientist.

Which got me to thinking…I lived in another plane of existence on that other planet, since it was hostile to physical life, being cold and barren and dark. If humans travelled there, they wouldn’t find our cities, or any evidence of us even. And that is true for the greatest proportion of the planets and stars in this Universe. The Universe is filled with Life, but not physical life. Your greatest majority of ETs, I’d say a good 98%, are non-corporeal. Some can lower their frequencies to be either seen or touched (seem physical), but that is not their natural form. So if all the entities living on other worlds are non-corporeal, how might they seem to us humans? Like angels? I think perhaps the two terms are interchangeable to a certain extent.

Where do angels exist? Where is Heaven? I know it to be on another plane of existence, on the Etheric Plane and beyond. But what level are the entities on other planets existing on? Could they be on these same planes of existence? These same dimensions? I know that when I consciously go into the Light, I wind up in this place of bright white light, and there are temples there. These temples are portals to other levels, other dimensions, other places. So where do we go when we die? Where exactly is Heaven? If Heaven is all these other dimensions/levels/realities, why couldn’t those dimensions/levels/realities exist on other planets? There has to be a reason for all those stars, and all those planets, IMHO. So I’m thinking there is a good chance that angels and ETs are very similar things. Many of the ETs that are making contact with people seem like very divine beings…maybe they are indeed angels of old?

I want to believe that my Guardian angel is something else, not an alien being, but since she seems like a female named Carolla, it makes me wonder if she is indeed the type of angel that has no Free Will. Which I believe is what a real angel is…someone who is not separate from Source. But they would not need the dichotomy of gender…that is a function of the physical realm. I believe that angels are androgynous…neither sex. So now I am questioning my Guardian angel. sigh. I do believe in that kind of angel…and I think the ones with Free Will are the ET types. Fallen Angels.

What exactly is a Fallen angel? The Bible would say they are evil, but I think they are just the angels that took on Free Will and thus now have the capacity to do evil ie. go against the Light. We are fallen angels by this measure. In the Ancient Aliens episode, they talk about Enoch and his story of the Fallen angels where the regular angels are the pure ones who try to protect us from the fallen ones. This makes sense if Fallen = Free Will.

The Ancient Alien episode tells of the story of Abraham and suggests that the voice of God that told Abraham to kill his son was actually a fallen angel, and that it was a regular angel that stopped him from doing it. This makes sense to me…a fallen angel who decided to experiment with his Free Will. How many other Bible stories can be retold from this perspective? I do know that the Bible needs to be re-transcribed with a more modern perspective that is more Truthful. The old symbolism is no longer valid.

So where does this leave us? Are angels extraterrestrial? Or as the Ancient Aliens episode suggested…ultraterrestrial? Ultraterrestrial is a good term, I think. It means they are of another dimension/level of being. I don’t think that rules out the potential that they exist on other planets though. That those other planets are other dimensions. The Universe is vast, and it doesn’t make much sense in a physical sense…we are not finding “Life” out there that’s similar to us. I think our perspective is too limited…most of “Life” is not like us at all! I think maybe all those planets and stars are Heaven, and that is why we always look skyward when we think of Heaven. And why the firmament is called the Heavens.