WTH? I was attacked psychically again last night, by some negative entity that tried to attach to my back, much like that manta ray woman I spoke of in this post. It wasn’t the same entity, but it was similar negative energy that tried to hook into me! WTH???? Fortunately, instead of waking up, I became lucid instead, and asserted my Free Will and Sovereignty and refused to allow it to attach to me and feed off me. I actually got very angry, and refused to let it attach, and threw a lot of white light at it to break apart the dark energy. I know this is the way to deal with dark energy…you must change its frequency, its polarity, and turn it from dark into light. I throw “light bombs” at demons and negative energy to change its polarity into light. It is very effective with demons, and any negative entity. Except tulpas, which is a whole other thing, I discovered. I will discuss them in another post though.

I do believe I minimized the effect of this attack, and upon awakening, I asked Chango and Oya for help, and Oya used her machete to separate the negative energy from my back, and Chango used his fire to disintegrate it. Although this may have been more of a mental visualization technique, I did actually feel their energies helping me. I further added a meditation with my Dotsero diamond, which helps me to feel grounded. I dropped down into the magma chamber to burn away all the dark energy, and I do feel that it is gone now. Fortunately, it never really attached to me…but I am still dismayed that something tried.

Reading this article on how to dissolve implants and tags, I realize that I instinctively did the right thing by grounding myself to get rid of the implant.

Implants can be purposefully “neutralized” by being grounded and connecting with the planet, for her energies balance out both sides of the brain and strengthen the right side functions to allow for more access to intuition and source energy. The “now” moment is a balanced connection with the mind and spirit…[]…being centered and grounded in the now moment can neutralize most implants.

This is good to know…I hate the feeling that the Dark can implant us with tags and hooks and implants in order to feed off of us. We can neutralize their effects on us…which is very empowering actually. I am thankful for my guides’ help, as well as the stone’s help in my meditation. I do believe that my own assertion that I will not allow such things is enough to stop them too…for they cannot harm us without our consent. We have Free Will, and nothing negates that. In some way or other, they can trick us into accepting the things they do, but firmly rejecting them takes their power away.

I think this is what the attack was about…I have been doing a lot of work in the last few weeks since my Reiki healing to keep myself clear and my chakras balanced. I have been asserting my Free Will to be free of all attachments and hooks and agreements and contracts that do not serve my Highest Good, and are in any way connected to negative entities. I think I’ve pissed them off. LOL And of course, called more attention to myself.

The Dark has a vested interest in knocking Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers and those who are working hard at Ascension out of the loop…we are a massive threat for them. It only takes a small number of higher consciousness/enlightened people to tip the critical mass towards Ascension and higher consciousness for us all. There is the phenomenon of the 100th monkey effect at work here, and we have hit the tipping point. Despite the fact that the 100th monkey effect has been discredited, I do believe it is an actual phenomenon…due to the collective consciousness we all share.

In any case, the Dark has been very drastically curtailed with all the Wave X energies and other higher density energies that have been bombarding our planet from both the Sun and the Galactic Core and other benign beings. The Dark is working hard trying to gain back the advantage, and I know the Illuminati are trying to instigate a Zika pandemic and World War 3. They are not succeeding. They are desperate, and it disgusts me that they are trying to hit on people, and even animals, like this.

Yes, they even affect the animal kingdom to feed off of them instead. They will use our pets to try to get to us if our vibrations are too high to affect us directly. I believe that is why my wonderfully sensitive kitty Nefari is being subjected to these terrible sores all over his body. I don’t know what is wrong with him, but I suspect it’s an attempt to upset me, which it does. My poor baby! Although I have always used white light around my pets, I am now doing extra shielding for them now too. We are having a bit of a problem with fleas as well…again, another way to get to me through my pets. But they aren’t taking hold…I think the White Light is keeping them at bay. I think fleas and other blood sucking bugs are agents for the Dark…I sincerely hope they die off when the Ascension process is complete. Twice now I have had brief visions of both bed bugs and wasps upon awakening…I think they were psychic attacks too. I left my last apartment because of bed bugs…it was a horrible experience for me! I was shown a bed bug upon awakening a while ago…and I rejected the possibility…no way was I going to allow this to become a reality! Damn ickyons!!!

But what this experience is showing me is that I need to stay vigilant against the negativity that is trying to invade my consciousness brought about by my eviction. I am working hard to avoid the anxiety, and I guess I need to work harder still. sigh. But I did my positive affirmations last night during the Black Moon for a new place to live. However, I still have that ambivalence about the moon which makes me wonder if it’s a good idea to call attention to myself during the times when the moon is at its strongest. Although…if the new moon is when the Earth is hiding the Sun’s light from shining on the moon’s surface, maybe the moon isn’t very strong then. Alternately, maybe it makes it easier for whatever entities are on the moon to do things without our notice. bleah. I just don’t know about the moon still. sigh