Okay…I just discovered there’s a “new” crystal/stone out there called Atlantisite. WTH? What is with all these strange new stone names??? I think it is a lot of New Age hooey to be honest…a way to bilk people out of their money for stones that aren’t really valuable. I checked out the prices on items made of this stuff…yup…pricey! 😦 And it is merely a stone that is made of serpentine (the green stone) and stitchite (the purple bits). Looking up stitchite, it looks like it’s often found mixed with serpentine in Tasmania. Someone’s trying to make a killing in Tasmania is my guess. sigh

What I did find interesting though, is that both stitchite and serpentine are good for stimulating the kundalini. And looking at images for stitchite, most of it looks like it has green serpentine in it. But the articles on Atlantisite seem to want to focus on its ability to connect you to previous lifetimes in Atlantis and Lemuria. Ummm…yeah. I doubt it. This article also claims it has healing properties (like most green stones), and is good for the heart chakra (like most green stones). I also found this site that talks about it too…and I find it disappointing that people are buying into this New Age crystal name misappropriation. It’s like selenite…which is merely gypsum. I do have a lot of selenite though…but I’m not confused as to what it is. The name change is to give it more legitimacy I guess.

This Atlantisite is a pretty stone though, but I hesitate to buy into the Atlantisite nomenclature…I’ve never heard of it before, and I would rather buy serpentine and/or stitchite instead. I won’t buy into it’s ability to connect us with a lifetime in Atlantis though…what a bunch of crock if you ask me! My discernment meter is going off the charts here!

I am really saddened by what is happening in the world of crystals…they are legitimate rocks of Mother Gaia, but humans are making a travesty of them with their weird names and invention of “spiritual meaning” for them. And it makes those of us who legitimately have a connection to them seem just as flighty as those who make these kinds of “leaps of fancy” in naming more common stone types so they seem more exotic and thus more valuable. It’s a crock, and I am saddened that they are trying to price legitimate stones out of people’s reach. I think I will forgo buying this stone, just on principle!