Wow…I just discovered that the Wave X energies were predicted all the way back in 1953! The book  “Other Tongues, Other Flesh” by contactee George Hunt Williamson, was published back in 1953, and this post goes into more detail about what the book’s revelations were.

maybe all of the cosmic radiation bombarding the Earth comes from outside of our Solar System.

He knew that there were high energy particles and electrons invading the earth, and suggested that

certain cosmic rays bombard the Earth from outside our own Solar System tends to support the idea that our entire Solar System is entering a new possibility area of the Universe. Every phase of Earth life will be greatly influenced–Economics, Religion, Education, Politics, Science, Social life, Medicine, Eating habits, etc. Virtually everything will change, and for the better!

The space people said that as we move into this new area of the universe there are going to be some very strange things take place on the physical, mental and spiritual planes. Peoples’ minds are going to change for one thing. Also, there will be tornadoes and earthquakes. Volcanoes that have never been active in recent history will become active and erupt.

We have been seeing this increasingly in the last decade or so…it’s amazing to me that this was predicted as far back as the 1950s! Although Edgar Cayce did mention about them, but still…this is independent validation that these energies are indeed happening and what they mean.