I’ve been thinking on chakras a lot while trying to figure out how exactly to visualize energy flow while meditating, as indicated here. So I decided to ask my Higher Self, which got me to thinking about Ladosa Jenavi and her system.

Ladosa Jenavi is not human, and is not corporeal. What does her chakra system look like? I imagine a lot of ETs have similar chakra systems, especially the non-corporeal ones. When one isn’t physical, there is no need for the lower chakras; thus, there is no root, sacral, solar plexus or diaphragm chakras…or even feet chakras and those of the lower legs. We don’t have legs or feet. Actually, we don’t have any of the physical structures and glandular systems that humans do…no heart, brain, pineal gland, etc. But I will still have to reference a few of the chakra points with the human system in mind. I tried to “hear” what she called them, but didn’t get anywhere.

Jenavi’s chakra system begins with the Heart Chakra in the middle of the chest. There is also a Higher Heart, but it doesn’t correspond to the thymus. I think that is why it is called the Higher Heart though…because that is what ETs call it. There is a Throat chakra, and a Well of Dreams. There is a Third Eye chakra, but no Pineal chakra or Pituitary chakra…there is no split like the one that has occurred for humans. Then of course there is a Crown chakra, and all those other higher dimensional chakras that I didn’t include in my discussion of chakras. I will include the 22 chakra one now, but preface it to say that I’m talking about the ones above the head only.


Actually, to be honest, I’m not sure how many of those 4th and 5th dimensional chakras are valid. Perhaps the one below is better for this discussion, albeit more restricted. But I do believe that the out-of-body ones below are valid. Still no Galactic Male and Galactic Female though. LOL


There is also a type of Earth Star chakra for us…but it isn’t called the Earth star of course, although it serves the same purpose…to connect us to our planet. So we have a basic 7 chakra system too…starting at the bottom with the planet chakra, the heart chakra, the higher heart chakra, the throat chakra, the Well of Dreams chakra, the Third Eye chakra and the Crown chakra. And of course we have hand chakras too, but not feet chakras for grounding. That is not necessary, and our connection to our planet is through the planet chakra. I would say that the planet chakra isn’t as important as the Soul Star chakra though, which is an out of body chakra so I haven’t included it in the 7. The planet chakra is much like the feet chakras though…it is within our astral form, our “body”. Of course, our wings also have a myriad of chakra points, but I haven’t investigated those ones with Ladosa Jenavi. They are minor chakras, like the leg chakras.

I believe this is the basic ET chakra system which corresponds to our major chakras. Being non-physical means they function a little differently, and are located in different places, but they serve the same main functions that human chakras do. So the chakras look much like the picture used in the header.

Something interesting to note though…the archons and reptilians do not have heart chakras. Theirs is more like the fish one shown in the diagram below for animals. Well, no not really…they have sacral chakras and throat chakras, but missing the heart and crown chakras. They cannot connect to Source any longer; that is why they must feed on us instead. Fish and insects have much simpler chakra systems because they have group consciousness and are directly connected to Source through Gaia.

Looking more closely at this diagram, I’m not sure I agree with this chart for dogs and cats either….I think their chakras are more in line with the horse’s, in that there is an upper and lower chakra point. Or rather, that the chakras have an upper and lower point on the top and bottom of their bodies. I think they have 3 heart chakra points though, like the horse and bunny….this is why they are such wonderful examples of Unconditional Love.


Suffice it to say that all sentient beings have energy centers accessible to them that connects them to Source and allows Source to function through their forms.