Occult Codex 5-31-2015

I have been watching the Ancient Aliens series and it postulates an interesting hypothesis – that the gods were aliens! Now this makes a lot of sense to me.

I’m surprised I didn’t go into this more in my Codex, but I suspect I decided to meditate on it more until I got it clear in my head.

Actually, this is analogous to the idea that angels are ETs too…see my post here. After all, angels, spirit guides, the gods are all pretty much similar things…divine beings that are not human. What is an extraterrestrial? A non-human being not from this planet.

I guess I don’t have much more to say on this, especially since I already discussed this general topic in my Angels and ETs post. Just substitute the word gods for angels. Which I guess begs the question: are gods and angels the same thing? Hmmm…maybe I do have more to say. LOL I think the gods and angels of the Bible were definitely aliens who came to this planet and interacted and even interfered with humans. But I think there is a different order of beings that make up true Angels. And I think that the gods/goddesses that we now revere are something different.

I am thinking on Chango and Oya specifically…they were once human, and I consider them Spirit Guides now. Can this be extrapolated to the angels and Gods that appear in the Bible? That is such a confusing book, and a confusing time in history. I think there is a lot of disinformation in the Bible, and who knows what they were actually talking about. I do think that the angels and God that the people in the Bible spoke to were aliens. Which ones, I’m not sure, although I think the angels were probably the archangels. Which makes the archangels aliens too then, despite having been human once. But then, I am human, despite my soul being alien. Are we all aliens maybe?

No. I do know that many souls on this planet have only incarnated here, after they took on Free Will. They are very intrinsically tied to this planet. Many souls here are not that old to be honest, age being a function of how long since they “fell from Grace” and took on Free Will. Humans are 10.5 million years old…my soul is much older. A lot of people around these days aren’t that old though. I fractured off from Source long before angels starting coming to Earth as humans. But there are a lot of starseeds here now…and a lot of star people who have incarnated in an effort to help Gaia and the humans to ascend. Technically, starseeds are those humans who have alien DNA…I know my DNA is probably human. I am a Star Person though, for my soul isn’t human. Although I recently read something about Starseeds and Royal Bloodlines…that the physical body has to be vibrating at the right frequency for the starseed to be able to manifest here. So who knows…maybe my DNA isn’t strictly human. I dunno.

Getting back to the idea that angels and the gods are aliens…I do know that the ones in the Bible are. And that all the gods/goddesses are. Maybe not the Orishas though…they seem to be “elemental energy”, and more connected to Gaia than other deities. Actually, they aren’t considered deities at all. Oy! It all gets confusing since our language is so imprecise! But I do know there is another “order” of angels that are not separate from Source and have never been human or had a physical form of any sort. Although they could be ETs in the sense that they exist on other realms on other planets. But this then assumes that they are separate from God/Source since they are separate beings that exist somewhere. Okay…semantics is really bogging me down here! bleah

(big intake of breath) Breaking it down further here…there are divine beings that do not have Free Will and are still connected to Source. Are they ETs too? I am thinking yes…that Heaven isn’t a separate place to the rest of the Universe, but is an ancillary part of it. It is a different dimension that probably exists on some planet/star, for that planet or star is the portal to that dimension.

I am reminded of Oddo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and how his people on his planet are like a liquid where the individual merges with the collective and do not exist as separate beings. Back in high school I learned that the Hindus believe God is like the river Ganges…and we are all raindrops that fall on the mountaintop, trying to get back to the river. The rain originates with the river, evaporating from the water, leads an independent life as a raindrop, and finally comes back to the river, where the water all merges into one cohesive whole. Zen Buddhism would ask “what happens to the raindrop when it joins the river? Is it still an individual?” I say yes, and no. This is what unity consciousness is, and where we are all evolving to get back to. But do you still have an awareness of Self? Or are you just Source energy again?

Okay, I am rambling and confusing the issue, and myself. I meant for this post to be about the gods being aliens, which I totally believe. Thor and the other Nordic gods come from Asgard, and I believe that the Greek/Roman gods tried to recreate their world on Mount Olympus. We know the Anunnaki are from wherever, and I would believe that all gods/goddesses come from somewhere else in the Universe. They came here and were considered gods because of their superior intellect, abilities and technology. I don’t think the Orishas are though…for Chango and Oya do not feel like Other. They feel like humans to be honest. Ascended masters to be sure, but not alien. I could be wrong though. Ascended masters…there’s a whole other category of divine beings. Are they aliens? sigh My brain is tired. 😦 I’ll think about this another time when I’ve had more than 3 hours of sleep.