I’ve been having a horrible time trying to sleep, and last night I decided that since my mind wouldn’t shut off, I would write stuff down instead. Here are my ponderings.

Occult Codex 10-01-2016

10:55 pm

I was in my bedroom (which is an interior room with no windows) when I became aware of a whirring, almost thrumming, sound. It almost sounded like the ceiling fans when they first come back on after a power outage. I wandered into the living room and realized the sound was coming from outside. I went outside to listen more closely and realized it was lightning. However, the sound was not synchronized with the lightning ie it wasn’t thunder. The lightning was quite bright, but silent. I felt a very strong energy associated with both? or maybe neither? – just a strange energy emanating from outside. It made me think of HAARP. I also started to worry about power outages, the energy was so strong. The storm came closer, and soon it was raining hard as well as the thunder and lightning. Now it was thunder. 

Something interesting I noted though – just before it started to rain, the little dog in the back started barking for no discernable reason (I was already looking outside and I checked), and when I got back to my bedroom, Missy had already hidden under the bed. This was just as it started to pour rain, or perhaps she went under when the dog was barking – hard to say since I wasn’t in the room.

The storm was too energetic and I couldn’t sleep, but instead went from the kitchen window to the front door checking on the storm’s status. It only lasted maybe an hour, but it is now 2:41 am and I still can feel too much energy about, which is keeping me awake. So I decided to write this down instead. I don’t know if it’s the storm, which felt unnatural to me – its energy was so strong and felt strange to me. Or perhaps it is still the energy wave of Sept 26-29th, or perhaps its the Black Moon, which was last night.

I dunno, but I can’t sleep because I am not tired and I am feeling too much energy bombarding my system. I feel itchy and restless, and my restless leg syndrome is acting up, making me not want my cats touching me. Missy wants to sleep at my feet and likes to lay across or beside my legs. This is making me feel very irritable and I keep moving her. She growls at me and jumps down, then a few minutes later is back. Anakin is hiding under the covers, and Nefari is trying to walk across these pages. He seems restless too, scratching at his sores, stomping on Anakin under the covers and now jumping down off the bed. It may just be a reaction to me though; he is very sensitive, my little Pisces panther. Actually no, he is sitting on my pillow purring away. I don’t want him there in case of fleas, so I guess I better lay back down.

It is now 3:03 am and I am still trying to get to sleep. I cannot hear my music, which means it’s one of the negativity clearing pieces. Nefari is sitting beside the bed staring at me. sigh.

3:33 am – still awake and developing a cold sore

4:00 am – still awake, Anakin is banging the water dish around, I have to pee, and I am hungry. bleah

It was after 5 am before I fell asleep, and was awakened by Anakin vomiting around 8:30ish. After cleaning it up, I went back to bed and noted it was 9:09 am. I still haven’t gotten back to sleep…instead I am posting to my blog. sigh. I’ve had maybe 3.5 hours of sleep…I will probably conk out later this afternoon. My sleep cycle is sooo disturbed for some reason! What’s interesting to note though are the times…they are synchronistic but I have no clue what that means. sigh