While researching stuff for the previous post, I came across some other interesting stuff that helps me with the whole issue I’ve been having on how prana/energy is now flowing through our new chakra systems. In my last post, I talked about the nadis and Ida/Pingala and Sushumna channels of pranic energy. The 3 channels intersect at our chakras…how does that work at the new chakra levels? I can incorporate the diaphragm and thymus chakras easily enough…they are still in a straight line along the spine, which is analogous to the Sushumna. But how does the energy flow once you get past the throat chakra?

I’ve discussed this before, and was left with one of two scenarios. Either energy flows down from the crown to the third eye (pituitary), pings to the pineal, goes down to the throat and pings to the Well of Dreams; alternately, it may travel from the crown to the pineal, pings to the pituitary, goes down to the throat and pings to the Well of Dreams before continuing on to the thymus. When I meditate, it seems to want to follow the latter manner. But the third eye (pituitary) was part of the old system…wasn’t it? Or is the third eye chakra actually a different chakra than the pituitary, making the split between the pituitary and the pineal from the old third eye? I do feel like the thymus is a higher octave of the heart chakra, not that the old heart chakra is now located in both the physical heart and the thymus. So, I’m assuming that the pituitary is the old third eye chakra, and the energy should flow to it first…right? This is where I am having problems…the logical part assumes the first scenario, and intuitively, I feel the second one. So…I research on.

I’ve now found more information on the nadis (meridians) and got this diagram of how they flow, which is interesting in that it includes the thymus, pituitary and pineal glands.


However, the pineal gland is supposedly associated with the crown chakra, and confirms to me that the pituitary is associated with the third eye (brow) chakra. Hmmm…does this mean that it was the crown chakra that actually split off into its higher octave, the pineal? No, that doesn’t sound right…I would think the crown chakra is higher than the pineal chakra. It’s interesting how this diagram shows the thymus as connected to the heart chakra though.

But it doesn’t show anything that is analogous to the Well of Dreams, which I already discovered sits under the occipital lobe of the brain, at the top of the spine. Knowing this though, the flow of energy should be from the crown, to the pineal, to the pituitary, to the well of dreams to the throat. But the color sequence is wrong then….and I do believe that the colors are important. Color is Light, and the energy of Light in our Light bodies would follow the natural sequence of the rainbow/prism. Although pink just doesn’t fit into the rainbow…it is outside of the natural light spectrum. I’ve mentioned this before about pink…along with silver and gold, which I believe also make up white light along another spectrum.

Now I also read this about the Nadis, and it talks about the Tree of Life as an analogy between the etheric nervous system and the meridians. The Nadis comprises 72,000 energy points, and thus it would seem much like the branches and roots in a tree. Extrapolating this to my concept of energy flow encompassing the new chakras in the head, it does make some intuitive sense to consider the new energy flow to branch out like tree limbs. I think this is what is happening energetically when I meditate and feel the energy “ping” to another chakra. The Sushumna would be the central trunk, and maybe I should be seeing all the head chakras (numbers 8, 9, 10) as branches instead of how I am imagining it as points along the central channel of light coming in from the crown. Because they physically don’t line up! Hence my problem. I still feel that the energy comes in a straight line from the crown, through the pineal, and through the throat. It pings to the pituitary and the well of dreams instead, so they are the branches. This is how it seems to me when I meditate, bringing in white light through my crown, trying to balance my chakras.

The article above is actually a passage from a book called Hidden Mysteries: ETs, Ancient Mystery Schools and Ascension  by Joshua D. Stone. He also uses this Tree of Life concept to explain the teachings of Djwhal Khul, who is a Tibetan Ascended Master, on ascension.

Djwhal Khul teaches that there are two paths up the Tree: the zigzag path and the path straight up the middle of the tree. The path up the middle relates to what I referred to in The Complete Ascension Manual as the short path of ascension. The zigzag path is the more complete path of ascension. Many incarnate personalities have taken the short path of ascension and are now returning to take the complete path of ascension which includes balancing all the opposites and ascending for your entire soul group and not just for yourself. 

Okay. Now there’s a different perspective! Hmmm…not only does the Tree of Life speak to our energy systems, but also the ways in which we are ascending. Hmmm…if some people are incarnating to take the “complete path” and ascend for the entire soul group, then perhaps the Universal Male and Universal Female chakras are legitimate for them. Oy! I don’t think I’m going to go into this any further though…my brain is hurting now. I have been wondering if I’m not doing transmuting of negative energies for a “hive” and not just for myself (see this post), and this little piece of information seems to be further verification of that idea. Hmmmm….I still don’t want to investigate the idea further. I’ll let it percolate for now. LOL

Addendum: I was looking up Djwhal Khul and found this little nugget of information, which is significant for me because I am acquainted with Kuthumi: Djwhal Khul was Caspar, one of the Three Wise Men, along with Melchoir (El Morya) and Balthazar (Kuthumi). I guess the three of them went on to found the Theosophy movement.