Wow, have I had a horrible headache for the last 2 days, but today I woke without it. Thank you God!! But thinking on it (since I was finally able to think without pain!), I realized that I went through a brain reset of sorts. I believe that more enlightened, clear thinking is now available to me, and my meditation this morning was laser sharp! I started off thinking about the soul hierarchy thing, which I will discuss later, which led into my questioning Christianity. My mind is a very convoluted thing, and don’t even try to understand what the 2 things have in common. LOL

Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Jainism, Taoism, shamanism, paganism…what do they all have in common? They are “ism’s”, and the ending denotes they are a religious system. Ummm…what is Christianity? It’s not an “ism”, and it’s not a religious system. Nope…it’s a sociopolitical engine that is run by the Illuminati. It’s not about religion at all…it is too filled with racial and religious intolerance, conquering and war-mongering. Okay, you have Catholicism as part  of it…wow…there’s a wonderful religion for you. Not. I do speak from experience…I was raised Roman Catholic. Its tenets are very harsh and punitive…it’s all about sin and going to Hell! It’s a way to scare its population into doing exactly what they say or they will pay dearly for it! And who are “they”? Money grubbing illuminati clergy who are in cahoots with illuminati politicians.

I do want to talk the semantics…if Jesus is the main character of Christianity, why isn’t it called Jesuism? I do believe that the man Iesus that the allegorical figure Jesus is based on was a Christ Consciousness…if that is what is meant by Christianity, then shouldn’t it be Chrisism? Who the hell is Christian? And why is it an “ity” and not an “ism”?

ity – a suffix used to form abstract nouns expressing state or

ism – a distinctive doctrine, cause, or 

ism – a suffix appearing in loanwords from Greek, where it was used to form action nouns from verbs (baptism); on this model, used as a productive suffix in the formation of nouns denoting action or practice, state or condition, principles, doctrines, usage or characteristic, devotion or adherence,etc.Dictionary. com

I added the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition because of its brevity, then figured I should be consistent and use’s too. And looking up the meaning of the suffixes only further clouds the issue of why Christianity is considered a religion. I’m still maintaining that it’s not.

Now, let’s talk about it’s main codex (book of statutes)…the Bible. And it is indeed a book of statutes…

statute – a permanent rule established by an organization,corporation, etc., to govern its internal

The Bible is a story book about events that happened thousands of years ago. Since the letter J was not invented until the 14th century, many of the characters in the Bible could not have existed…I doubt there was a Jesus, Joseph, John, Judas, Jeremiah, etc ,etc. So who were these “people”? I believe they are allegorical composites, key players in the storyline outlined in the Bible. To be honest, the more I read about the meaning of the events in the Bible – all the different interpretations – the more I wonder what the hell was actually going on back then!

And what is this preoccupation with Christ’s death? Why is the cross such a prevalent image? When I went looking for an image to use for my header, I found tons of crosses as symbolic of Christianity. This is very gruesome imagery…a horrible way to die! Why do they use it??? I think it says a lot about what Christianity is really about.

And an even more salient question: What the hell does it have to do with humans in the 21st century? It has no relevance for me, or really for anyone else living today. The world today is so vastly different than the world portrayed in the Bible, that at best it’s just an interesting storybook. There is no way it should be a book of statutes, a way to live our lives today. I believe that is why Christianity is dying out…it’s not a valid religion, and it’s not a valid way to live one’s life. I won’t even get into the greed and corruption that exists in the Vatican…it is best that these archaic and corrupt systems die out. The ascension energies are making sure of it.

I did do a lot more ranting and rambling in my head when I was meditating on it this morning, but now I feel less strident about it all. So I will end my rant here. I think I hit on all the salient points I considered at 4 am, but I did want to point out that I am not a Christian, I do not believe in Jesus, and I do not read the Bible. I do believe in a Higher Power that loves us all, that the Light is something we all need to embrace, and that the Truth that is inherent in that Light is the right way to live our lives and embrace each other.