Yesterday when I was going through some sites about the Oversoul (which is still something I’m pondering and meditating on), I came across this one guy who doesn’t believe in twin flames because it denotes that we are not complete in ourselves. I disagree with him, but then I’m coming at it from a different perspective. We live in a world of duality, and the physical world is divided into male and female. Our souls are both/neither, so there had to be a division, a fracturing, of the soul when it descended into physicality.


So this got me to thinking about my twin flame, and how the 2 energies converge back into the soul. This got me thinking about that Galactic Male and Galactic Female chakra thing…I guess I really hate the names some are using. Universal Male and Universal Female, as in the image used in the header, is a whole lot less woo-hooey if you ask me, and I find the name change makes it easier for me to consider the possibilities.

Anyway, thinking on my twin flame’s masculine energy and how it connects back to my feminine energy, I got to thinking that there may be some truth to the whole Universal Male/Female energy thing. I’m not convinced that we have chakra centers for it though. I do believe that the twin energies meet up again somewhere before the soul level…although technically, they are both part of the soul and already combined at that level. So somewhere below the soul level the energies fracture out…but I am not convinced that we have an energy vortex (chakra) in our current light body/etheric system for the opposing gender ie. I do not have a Male chakra, since that energy is separated from me. My twin flame is his own person. It would be similar to having chakras for each of our past lives IMO. I know we do not have chakras for our other incarnations/soul extensions. So I do not believe we have a chakra for our twin flame.

Although I don’t believe there are chakras for the male and female energies, I do think there is another system that incorporates it…the Nadis prana energy system made up of the Ida/Pingala and Sushumna channels. The Ida channel of energy is the feminine energy, and the Pingala is the masculine. The Sushumna is the central channel through which pranic energy travels through our subtle body. This site has a cool image that shows the pathways for each.

Interestingly, the image shows that the Ida and Pingala end with the Third Eye and prana is released through the nose…the Ida through the left nostril, and the Pingala through the right nostril, unlike the Sushumna that exits through our crown chakra. Hmmm…I also want to note that the Ida and Pingala intersect at the chakras, and that the Sushumna connects the root chakra to the crown chakra. Traditional Hindu systems outline how the energy (prana) flows through us… but I’m still having trouble with how it flows now with the new chakras that have opened up in the head (whole other issue though).

Of course the nadis would be upgraded along with the chakras in the ascension process…for they are the channels for prana (life force) to flow through our energy systems (light body). They are also called meridians. I wonder if perhaps with the new chakras coming online, if the Ida and Pingala are now exiting through the crown chakra, and that is what is leading to this idea that there is now a Universal Female and Universal Male chakra. Could the Ida be ending in this Universal Female, and the Pingala in the Universal Male?

Intuitively, I do feel like there is a male and female energy center somewhere just below the Soul Star chakra. I feel like the Ida goes through the female center, the Pingala goes through the male center, and they converge into the Sushumna at the Soul Star chakra. Kinda like how the energy from our feet chakras converge into the Earth Star chakra.

Now dissecting this further…if chakras are where the 3 main channels (ida,pingala and sushumna) intersect, then the energy centers for the male and female energies wouldn’t be chakras. I do believe there is something going on at that level, although I’m wondering if it actually has anything to do with ascension to the 5th dimension. I’m thinking that this process is occurring at another level…I just don’t think ascension is about joining our male and female energies. Gaia is not joining with a male energy…she is just ascending to a higher frequency. I don’t know who her twin flame is…now there’s a whole other issue to boggle the mind! LOL I have discussed it in my Occult Codex though, when I wonder about the God aspect in my pagan musings. I don’t have the entry typed up yet though, but I do know I question who the Greenman/Cernunnos is. But I think it is a non-issue for the whole ascension process.

With this in mind, I still think the whole Galactic Male/Female or Universal Male/Female chakra thing is bunk. I do think there is some other energy system that incorporates this dichotomous energy into a cohesive whole, but I think that’s at a level that most of us are not ready for, nor are required to be at yet. Yup…I hear my higher self saying “don’t worry about it!” LOL