Just read this article on In5D, where Gregg Prescott goes on and on about how everyone always seems young in his dreams, and asks others to weigh in on this. And yup, in most cases, everyone is young in our dreams. Gregg asks why this is…which seems odd to me.

I would have thought it is common knowledge that we are all roughly 30 yrs old on the Other Side. Our souls exist in what would be considered our “prime”, although when you first pass over and meet people on the etheric plane, they will usually look like you remember them. So your grandparents will appear as old at first, just so you can recognize them. Usually this stage falls away quickly, and people revert to their ideal state, which is roughly around 30. As there is no such thing as time though, this is just a conscious mind/ego determination. We are truly ageless, and our soul selves reflect this.

Something else I also thought was common knowledge, and that is the fact that dreams are usually experiences from the Other Side. We are spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience, and we must spend a portion of our days on the Other Side, in order to connect to Source. Of course, the Other Side is nothing like this 3D physical world, so dreams don’t make sense once you awaken the conscious mind. The laws of physics do not hold on the Other Side, so that is why amazing things happen in our dreams, like flying. Again, it only makes sense that the people you meet on the Other Side in your dreams are their ideal self…young and perfect.

I am trying to remember if I have ever had dreams with old people in it, and I don’t believe so. But in 53 years of dreams, I probably have and just don’t remember. But I am thinking on my meditations, which really are a form of dream too. I do have one spirit guide who is an old Manchurian looking guy. He has long white hair, and a long white moustache and beard. I’ve discussed this guide here. Why he chooses to appear as elderly is beyond me, although I do realize now that he is not human, but the same species as I am. I suppose it has to do with the idea that he is all-knowing and very wise, which is stereotypical of someone of advanced years. I don’t buy into such stereotypes, so I really don’t understand why he appears thusly. Oh well…whatever. He’s also not Manchurian, or oriental in any way. I suppose that is symbolic of the fact that he is “alien”, although appearing as we are on my world would have worked better IMO.

I guess the people in our dreams, and meditative states, are mostly young, because that is their natural state. I think the fact that some may choose to appear as old would be cause to investigate the situation/person more thoroughly. Of course, like all dreams, the symbology is pretty individualistic to the dreamer, so it is best to relate it back to what it means to you.