This was a fascinating look at how Darryl Anka, the channel for the Bashar entity, got into channeling, what it feels like for him, and his insights into what he’s learned.

I thought it was interesting how he learned how to channel, and how he feels about Bashar. It reinforces my feeling that this is a legitimate channel, and that the alien Bashar is a benevolent being.

He also explains why he rarely makes prediction, which jives with my ideas about prediction being a rather bogus endeavor. I do have the claircognizant ability, but I refuse to make predictions for the exact same reason as Bashar: because of Free Will, things seen or sensed may not come true. Only those things that are so strongly entrenched in the general population’s psyche are likely to come to pass, but the very act of prophecy has an effect and the potential to change the event. Once you know about something, you can change it. I believe that is why psychics should warn of us about bad things they sense…that way, we can change things so it doesn’t come to pass. Time/Life is dynamic and in flux…all a psychic can do is say what will most likely happen if you continue in this stream of consciousness.

Darryl has had many conversations with Bashar, even dreams and what sounds like what I call astral experiences. He believes that one day he will physically meet Bashar. I guess Bashar is willing to predict that First Contact will likely happen around 2025-2033. Ick…still seems so far away. sigh.

But what blew me away was his discussion with Bashar about the Greys and what is going on with the whole abduction scenario. Wow…I had actually read something similar way back when, like in the 80s I think. It was what got me to become less panicked about realizing that I was being abducted. Yes, I am an alien abductee, although to be honest, I have not felt their presence for easily a dozen years or more now. Could be because I am now post-menopausal and of no use to them…I dunno.

Anyway…that is what Bashar says the Greys are doing. They are creating hybrid humans, which is something you can find if you google it. But Bashar’s take is something that I remember from my time dozens of years ago…that they were humans who destroyed their own world, much like we are, and that they are not only trying to stop us from doing so, they are trying to create hybrids who can survive if we do. According to Bashar, they were humans like us, but they devolved to such an extent physically that they look like what they do now in order to survive. But they were once like us, and they abduct humans, via a soul contract, and take DNA samples to mix with their own and create new, better humans. Also according to Bashar, the Greys have created 5 new hybrid races, of which Bashar’s people are the third. Wow.

He also talks about how Bashar and his people exist on their spaceships more than on their world…their world is left pretty well natural, and they don’t have a carbon footprint if you will. It seems that Bashar’s people, the Sassani, travel the Universe, and he is currently in a scout ship above Sedona, AZ. He purports that there are many alien ships in place over many different cities. Not surprising really, since they are probably what the UFO sightings are really about. They are helping us with the Ascension process, and are acting like a barometer of where we are in that process. Interesting perspective…but I think he’s glossing over the bad entities who are here. Although the archons/Illuminati/reptilians that are still here are probably not mobile. I know the portals have been closed and they are stuck here. So it is encouraging to think that any aliens above us in our skies are benevolent and here to help.

Then he talks about the Law of Attraction, and makes a very fascinating distinction…it isn’t about aligning ourselves with this Law…we are already vibrating at the proper frequencies to draw the things we need and want to us. What we need to stop doing is holding onto the negative frequencies that prevent the abundance from coming to us. Lightbulb moment! LOL Wow…I so needed to hear this, considering what is happening in my life with the whole moving and being evicted. Oh boy, has it brought up all my fears of being homeless, of not having enough money to survive. I do know I need to let that go…have faith that what I need will come to me.

I got a call this morning saying that the owner has okayed my application for that apartment I looked at yesterday. I put a $100 deposit on it, just in case I couldn’t find anything else cheaper. But I have been stressing about being able to afford it. It is a very nice place, and I can see myself living there…it’s just the money aspect. I guess I need to let that go…and trust that the Universe will ensure that I will be able to afford it.

He talks about karma…and I am divided here. This is the first time when he feels like he’s not being truthful. Not that he’s lying…just not telling the truth, skipping around it. I think he’s actually pretty vague about what karma is, and although it does mesh with my own beliefs about karma, he dances around the idea that the whole reincarnation thing is a Matrix trap. I am sensing that he is not willing to address the negative aspects of our world and what we are trapped in…he is remaining a positive channel I guess. I just thought it was interesting what he didn’t say about karma.

There is also another, much older interview here, that remains consistent in his belief structure, although I was not impressed with the process he went into to channel Bashar. It was very theatrical, but it’s interesting how he still talked exactly as we know of him now. It almost seemed to me that Bashar had a hard time coming into Darryl’s body to channel. The throat clearing was an interesting, and somewhat to be expected, physical change. All those twitches and neck tics and physical startings seem like an act to me though, although it could be Bashar was having trouble with meshing with Darryl’s frequency. But not watching him in this interview, just listening to the dialogue, I can “feel” Bashar coming through. It is very interesting to watch this much older interview after seeing the more recent one.