What is MSM (Main Stream Media) up to now??? I watched a freaky little video last week or so on this phenomenon that is sweeping the globe…because it’s not just in the US. We have it here in Canada, and it’s across the pond too. WTH is going on with clown sightings? And what is up with people dressing up as scary clowns and scaring people? It seems it has escalated from just standing around staring at people, to actually chasing them, trying to lure kids into the woods, attacking with knives and guns….there is even one report of a 16 yr old that was killed.

This video is an excellent overview of all the reports, at least in the US, and she goes through the standard explanations. Yeah, I can believe that there are some weirdos out there who have jumped on this bandwagon and are dressing up as clowns. But these sightings have been happening for a while now, and I don’t think that is what it was in the beginning.

The above video, and her blog post, What’s Really Behind All The Creepy Clown Sightings, goes on to propose another explanation, which resonates as Truth to me. She thinks it’s a social experiment by the Illuminati to see if they can incite fear and violence amongst the population. The Zika scare, the ISIS threat, geoengineered Hurricane Matthew are not scary enough for most people I guess. No…let’s hit people in their deepest childish fears. I totally believe that the Matrix, the Dark entities, would do this. They are hitting the schools too…our children! The author of the video even plays an auto message that her child’s school sent her warning her of this problem. Say what??? Schools are sending out warnings now??? Or was it really the school??? I dunno…I’m starting to really believe there is something even more sinister going on here than people dressing up as scary clowns.

But I have to agree with the Dahlia Girls

I’m annoyed that “Killer Clowns” are even considered an epidemic sweeping America right now, especially since we have more important bull shit going on in our country.

I think they’ve hit the nail on the head! Even more than trying to instill fear into our minds on a subconscious level, they are dissimulating and throwing the focus off the real issues that should be reported on by MSM. Why are they reporting on Creepy Clowns instead of the Kardashians, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Justin Beiber, etc ad nauseum??? I think it’s because people are sick of the celebrity shit, and it’s not keeping America dumbed down any more. So let’s up the ante and start getting them scared about something bogus. Let’s get people scared enough to go chasing after creepy clowns instead of focusing on things like what is going on with Monsanto and Bayer, about chemtrails and HAARP and geoengineering, about CERN and trying to open up portals, about what’s on the moon and Mars and in Saturn’s rings.

I watched another video that talked about how the U of Pennsylvania campus erupted one night with hundreds of students who went out hunting for a clown that was sighted on campus. It doesn’t say if they caught it, but you know what? I think the person deserves whatever happens to them. I think the hype is reaching hysteria proportions, and we’re going to see clowns being killed soon. I think if you’re stupid enough to dress up as a scary clown and walk around scaring people, I think your life should be forfeit. Wait a second! Isn’t this just what the MSM and the Cabal that controls them wants??? Let’s get people worked up so they start killing each other! sigh. The Cabal is really losing its shit, and it’s hold on people. They are getting ridiculous in their tactics now. Please people…don’t fall for this shit. Stay away from whatever these clowns are, call the cops if they threaten you, but don’t get pulled into the witch hunt that is being set up here.

Watching SecureTeam10’s video though…I got a sinister vibe about these clowns. I am wondering if they aren’t some type of new cryptid though…not actually people. The original reports were a lot more low key and isolated…it makes me wonder. Creepy clowns showing up on back roads and near woods. I think the original clowns are something other than human to be honest. I think there’s probably a lot of stupid humans jumping on the bandwagon, but it’s strange how so many of these clowns are not ever caught. They just seem to disappear. Pretty hard to do when you’re decked out in multicolors pyjamas!!! I’m waiting to see if reports of UFOs start appearing concurrently with the clown sightings.

What the hell is wrong with our world???? sigh