See…already a post on Corey and his message! LOL Of course, this blog post was a transcript of an interview he did with David Wilcock, and I think David’s energy helps me out in transcending my reservations on Corey.

That being said, this post on Cosmic Disclosure: The Earth Alliance, David starts off asking about the Cabal/Illuminati and the “good guys” who are leading the fight against them. They are called the Earth Alliance. I guess there’s a group of people from different countries and secret organizations that are working to destroy the Cabal and wrest back control to us humans.

Despite many of these alliance groups having different agendas and ideas about what should happen to the Cabal once they overcome them, they've put aside a lot of differences, and they've come together for a common goal, which is to defeat the Cabal.

And this is the key of why the Cabal had been so successful. They are made up of many different syndicates of people with many different belief systems and agendas, but somehow they found a way to work together. The 0.01% of them have found a way to work together, even though a lot of them really don't like each other, to exact control over the Earth.

Well, the Alliance is following the same playbook, getting together with people they wouldn't normally work with, forming a loose alliance, and trying to, or actually are in the midst of, overthrowing the financial system that this Cabal has set up for the last 100 years and want to replace it.

They go on to discuss the new banking system that China and the BRICS Alliance…Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa is the BRICS. I have heard of this, and that is what this post is about. I keep checking, and last night it was close to the danger point in favor of China. But Corey and David have some additional information about it…

Corey: Right, they've gotten together, and they've created pretty much a new world bank and financial system to compete with the Western or Cabal banking system.

David: And you're talking about the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, or AIIB.

Corey: Right. Over time, countries like China have been slowly purchasing the debt and also natural resources from countries owned by the Cabal as their financial Ponzi scheme has slowly, slowly started to collapse.

David: Now, we've heard that China is actually holding – the official numbers, I guess, are in the neighborhood of $2 to $3 trillion, but the unofficial numbers are $4 trillion of US bonds and US debt. That apparently is greatly superior to the wealth that's left in this Federal Reserve, Cabal-oriented, Western world.

Corey: Well, there's very little gold left here. There's a reason that all the big banks right now are buying silver like crazy and stockpiling it. There's very little gold left in any of the vaults that are supposed to have gold in them.

Ahhh…good to know what stage it’s all at. I keep seeing in the alternative media that there are rumors of financial and economic collapse coming, and about New World Orders where everyone gets a living wage and poverty and hunger and homelessness is non-existent any longer. I do believe this is going to come to pass soon…I think we have reached a tipping point, and this seems to verify that. I have even heard that the Cabal wants to start WW3  in order to recoup their losses. War is so very profitable, after all. bleah Steal back the resources. No wonder Russia is doing evacuation exercises (see this post here).

I am now starting to feel a little worried that WW3 might happen after all. But Corey goes on to reassure us that it won’t be open warfare so much as stealth warfare:

Everything's being fought through digital means, through hacking, cyberwarfare. It's being fought through proxy armies such as the Cabal using organizations they created, like ISIS and al-Qaeda, and through a financial war that's going on. It's something that could very easily spike into an open, hot conflict in certain areas, but this has been an ongoing, stealth world war for a period now.

Gonzales basically said history will look back on this time as a different type of world war, and this will be a stealth World War III.

Actually, this is not surprising in a way. With the way technology is, cyber warfare makes a lot more sense than bodies on the ground. You can hit them where it hurts most…hacking systems, banks, corporations, etc, etc.

However, there was a disturbing turn to the conversation, bringing in weather modification technology as a weapon of war. I have seen discussions on this before, and have ranted about it in posts here and here and here. It may sound like conspiracy theory stuff when I rant about it, but I am increasingly convinced that HAARP is being used to control the weather for nefarious purposes. Yes, I believe it was intended to be a weapon. And there is a lot of talk in the alternative media about how this crazy hurricane Matthew is really HAARP driven…a man-made hurricane to decimate the population in those areas and cause economic distress. Like the fact that there looked like a skull in the doppler images, and the very real chance it’s going to loop back into a rare binary event. Rare. Binary. Looping back…like that’s normal hurricane behavior. And I guess there’s technology to create earthquakes out there too, and a lot of top secret info on some super volcanos in the ocean that have been outfitted with some sort of devices. The Cabal is desperate. 😦

I do like Corey’s take on this, and his humor makes him more likeable:

apparently they have placed some sort of charge or energetic device that could cause it to erupt. There are three of them that I saw documentation on, and that is one of the threats that the Cabal is making. You know, they're acting like a child. If we don't get our way, we're going to break all the toys and leave.

Well, I do wish they’d leave, but leave our damn toys alone!!!

And leave our damn money alone too! Corey and David discuss how the US has passed a law giving the government the right to seize all our bank accounts in case of economic collapse. Okay…that is scary to think about. Not like I have a lot of money, but I do live from ODSP cheque to ODSP cheque, and I can’t even take out a cushion for myself, because I don’t have a damn cushion! I have been on welfare, and trust me, they make sure you have zero assets before they give you assistance! I no longer have a pension, RRSPs, life insurance…anything of value. Guess this is just playing right into my poverty and lack of abundance issues. I guess the bright side is that I am used to doing without, and can survive on very little. sigh

But instead of getting angry, the real crux is to come at it from a Love perspective. I guess there are militia groups ready to take down the Cabal and the corrupt who have been oppressing us. But I like that Corey’s message is this:

The Cabal. They've tried to foment racial tension. They've tried to foment tension between patriot groups and the government. They want that to happen so they can declare martial law.

Don't play into their hands. You cannot get, as I say, a positive from a negative. As we've stated over and over, it's going to take all of us coming together and forming a grassroots movement, having uncomfortable conversations with people that will look at us like we're crazy, and begin to educate people now.

Uncomfortable conversations where we look like we’re crazy…yeah. I’ve been there and done that. LOL Even a simple reference to Ascension gets me strange looks around here. sigh But I am doing it even moreso on this blog! Still, my intent is to educate too, when the time is right. I’m putting this stuff out there because I know it to be Truth, despite knowing that a huge percentage of the world isn’t ready for such Truth. They will…it’s happening. Much like my sudden reversal on Corey’s material.