I need something lighter, kinder, softer, sweeter to focus on right now in my sleep-deprived state. I just checked out a nice little blog that I follow called The Kindness Blog and found a post that said exactly what I’m feeling…

There is so much pain and suffering and confusion in the air that I almost want to say “Bring on the puppy pictures.”

Would that be burying my head in the sand?

Maybe not.

Maybe it’s withdrawing from the fray for the purpose of gaining strength to remind myself over and over, “Do not react. Respond,” and, in the words of the Buddhist teacher I am reading, to remember that always and everywhere,

“Kindness can change the world.”

Fuck puppies…I want to see cute little kitten pictures! Don’t you just love the cute little face in my header??? What a wonderful, cheeky kitten! Totally has the power to make me grin and lighten my mood!


And don’t tell me this little teensie cutie doesn’t make you go awww…. yup, I’m off to check out my Pinterest album on Cute Kittens now! I’m gonna go bury my head in the sand and overdose on kitten cuteness! 😀 Fuck the stupid ickyons and the state of the world. heh heh 😉

Then I think I’ll head over to this post with 75 photos showing the brighter side of humanity, again from the Kindness blog…thank you Kindness blog!