Ohmigod…you know, I don’t know if it’s just my being over-tired after only a couple of hours of sleep last night, but today’s alternative news put out by In5D.com just seemed to hit me as being overwhelming. Like MSM (mainstream media) isn’t bad enough with its stream of negative programming! sigh Is the world really so bad out there??? 😥

What has me raving now? Well…today it is the fact that the video on the clown sightings had to redo their video because it was co-opted by YouTube and riddled with ads. So she had to redo it and re-release it. I had to change my links in my post from yesterday. bleah

  • Then there was the article on GMO humans becoming a reality by 2017
  • the real risks of microwaves that the military doesn’t want us to know about (guess I won’t be buying a microwave for my new place!)
  • how the CDC has risked millions of people and exposing them to cancer from the polio vaccinations that were given out.
  • the US Army has dropped 2 dummy nuclear bombs in the Nevada desert…why??? Shit…WW3 is starting to feel like a potential here. bleah
  • and on that same note, this article on how Hillary would bring us WW3.

Okay…I think I better not read some of these articles. I think there is a lot of possibly legitimate hysteria out there, justifiable because the MSM doesn’t tell us the truth of what is going on. We instead hear whispers and rumors and get tantalizing bits from those who know things they shouldn’t (yup, there’s one from Snowden there too!), and I suppose it’s natural that people are going to extrapolate from there.

We KNOW we’re being lied to and kept in the dark…you know, I think it would be better to just have full disclosure than to be speculating like this. Not that I don’t believe these articles are Truth…this is alternative news, which is the stuff not being reported by MSM. But the juxtaposition of so many negative reports is grating on me right now; hence, my raving here. I’m too fucking tired to want to rave about the sad state of our world though…I wish Ascension would just happen already and sweep me off to another dimension! I wish there would be a sudden pole shift, and the world ended already. I’ve said this before…I am sick and tired and bone weary with the whole shebang.


Stop the world and let me off please! I can’t even fucking retreat into sleep and enjoy unconsciousness for 8 hours or more. I’m tempted to buy some sleeping pills! Nope, don’t want to be here any longer. Sorry Gaia…I think I’ve failed you. 😥 Yup…I’m too tired.

Positive note though…the Schumann Resonance is 8.40 today…when it gets, and stays at, 8.60 and Latonium will come into being and we can clean up the radioactivity in the world!