Well, I’ve been reading a lot in the alternative media about the Deutsche bank’s problems, and how it looks like it’s going to collapse. I just read something that predicts that it may fail on Oct 28th, the day after its fiscal report on the 27th. Now the Deutsche bank is considered too big to fail, and it’s collapse would take down the whole fiat currency system. And Germany is not inclined to bail it out, so it will undoubtedly fail.

I guess I just want to get it on the record, so my family cannot say that I never said anything about it when I did just today. When the banks fall, and the economy fails, I don’t want anyone to come back and say I never said it would. Because my sister and I kinda argued about it today, and she says she doesn’t believe it will happen. She can’t see it. She’s not paying attention, and she never listens to me, so I am going on record to say that I am aware that the system is going to fail soon. I now have my eye on October 28th, which is the day after my birthday. Time predictions are notorious, but looking into the future, I believe that the financial collapse is imminent.

I really don’t like the fact that the US gov’t passed a bill during the holiday season last Christmas that gives banks the right to confiscate all your money in case of a financial crash. I sincerely hope that Canada is not doing the same thing, but I haven’t heard anything to think that. I hope we are in better shape than the US, which has hardly any gold left in Fort Knox.

According to the video I was watching (from above), it seems that the US Treasury can collapse the system at any time, and does plan on it. I guess the “good guys” wanted it to happen in September, but the “bad guys” wanted to wait until October. I dunno about the good and bad guys or who they really are, but I think we need to be keeping our eyes and ears open for the end of the month. Just in time for me to move! sigh And just in time for my ODSP cheque to come in, so I actually have money in my account. I think I will be withdrawing all my cash on the 31st.

Question: if you don't have any money to "prepare" with, what will happen to us instead? bleah