I just found this post that detailed who are in this Council of 12, which is a divine body of ascended masters or something like that. I can’t find a cohesive definition for them. It’s said it’s a rotating group of divine beings that are variously being channeled by various humans. I dunno…whatever. I don’t like that I can’t find an explanation of who or what they are…only a lot of channeled messages coming from this council. šŸ˜¦

What is significant to me is that the members include both ascended masters and archangels, which tells me they are the same thing. Here is the list…

Council of 12

Mother Mary
Archangel Michael
Paul the Venetian
St Germain
Qwan Yin
Lord Metatron
Sanat Kumara
Lord Maitreya (Buddha)

Hmmm…of course I was looking up Kuthumi when I found this, but it’s interesting that there are 2 archangels listed here; namely Michael and Metatron. Except here Metatron is listed as a Lord instead, which makes me wonder further if he’s an archangel at all. I suspect he’s not…or that the whole archangel angle is a bunch of BS. Because I have seen where Mary is considered the Archeia of the archangelĀ Raphael (see here), making her the feminine equivalent of an Archangel.

Yup, I distrustĀ the whole archangel concept…I think it’s massive disinformation and I believe they are members of an archon group of False Light beings. I have no problem with ascended masters…they are humans who have perfected themselves and are ascended to a higher spiritual level. They aren’t pretending to be some kind of higher order angel; they aren’t misrepresenting themselves like the archangels. And I still suspect they are archon angels, acting as liaisons with those dark entities, even if it’s to help us out by brokering compromises with the Dark. Nope…I don’t want to deal with them. It makes me cringe to see so many fooled by the False Light.

Now, although I consider the archangels to be merely a sort of ascended master, this does not negate my trust in true ascended masters or even those who humans have called gods/goddesses. Because my granted limited exposure to some gods have convinced me that they don’t consider themselves “gods” as in a God. It is a title that others gave them. They are ascended masters in my book too. Or aliens maybe. Could be why you don’t see gods/goddesses in these lists of divine groups that help out humans.

Although…Quan Yin is considered the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion in China. Wait a minute…looking her up, I found this link that states she is an incarnation of Mary…whaaa??? Okay…I don’t have a problem with Quan Yin and Mary being soul extensions, but it seems weird to me that 2 soul extensions would serve as members of a council. And…they are the only 2 females on this list. šŸ˜¦ Okay…that makes this whole list suspect if you ask me. Obviously a case of disinformation. sigh

I’m sorry to see Kuthumi’s name on this list, but I will have to speak to him about it and dig deeper. I don’t want to have to dismiss Kuthumi as a member of the False Light, but going through some Pinterest links, his channeled messages are sounding suspect. sigh. Please let it be that people are channeling False Light beings and not really Kuthumi. I dunno…the lack of sleep and theĀ bad headache I have today is leaving my discernment abilities iffy. I will have to revisit this another time.