Wow…going through a bunch of sites attached to images I’ve been finding on Pinterest, first on Kuthumi, then on ascended masters in general, I am disturbed by what I am finding. What a lot of False Light propaganda out there! Wow…disinformation and dissimulation galore! I am starting to have my doubts about dealing with any of them. The only positive thing I’m discovering is that I’m getting verification for my current understanding of archangels and gods as ascended masters. There’s some aliens in there too. Which isn’t a problem conceptually for me…I have always considered the idea that the angels are aliens in that they exist on other planes of existence on other planets. That is what the planets and stars are for…much like Earth, they are “places” for souls to live and grow and develop.

What does surprise me is the wide range of ideas about what constitutes an ascended master. And the dearth of female masters. And the amazing variety of beings who are accorded ascended master status. The titles and supposed powers and abilities of these ascended masters also put them much on the same order as the supposed archangels. The only good thing is they don’t seem to have the same ego as the archangels, although many of them seem to have elevated statuses on the Other Side.

I dunno, but I have a problem with hierarchies on the Other Side. The whole concept of hierarchies is based on duality, which is a 3D thing. So I’m not sure what these ascended masters are any longer. Are they part of the False Light too???? Ick. I’m having second thoughts on dealing with Kuthumi now.

For instance, the picture above is supposed to be Kuthumi…that looks nothing like the man I have encountered. I even found images of him with blue eyes, and those who insist he has vivid blue eyes. WTH???? There are such idealized images of all the ascended masters, and it all seems so romanticized to me. Not based on reality. Although I encountered the same problem with Chango when I started looking for info on him. The images I was finding were not the Chango I was encountering in my dreams. And he even appeared to me in my first few dreams in a more stylized way, as a white man even, although I know he is a black Orisha.

Question: Why would ascended masters, gods/goddesses, archangels, divine beings present themselves in other forms to people? Is it really the same person? Or just different soul extensions of the Oversoul?

I guess I need to remember that they have had other lifetimes too, so they can present themselves as those other personas. Those soul extensions are still separate soul selves, and just as legitimate a being as the Oversoul. Kuthumi was Pythagoras and St. Francis, which are different than the Kuthumi who lived in the late 1800s and ascended in that lifetime.

Another question: Does that make Pythagoras and St. Francis ascended masters by default?

I know that St. Francis is considered an ascended master, but if the soul didn’t perfect itself until a later incarnation, then how is it people considered St. Francis an ascended master before his actual ascension? Or is this all in retrospect? Or are saints something different than an ascended master? Or are these other sainted lifetimes really separate people altogether? Ah geez…I am so confused here. bleah

Addendum: Okay, Kuthumi just told me that he can change his form to suit his own purposes and likings, and that some images show his higher self image, as opposed to the image of his last lifetime, which is the one he showed to me 25 years ago. He says he appeared that way so I would have an easier time researching him at the time, pre-google era. That makes sense to me.

I do know that we can change our form at will on the Other Side, and are not limited to our last lifetime’s visage. Okay, that makes sense to me…I know with Chango, I still intuitively knew who it was despite his different forms in my first few dreams.