Wow…don’t we just love family get-togethers???? sigh I’ve always felt like my family loved me, and although we’re dysfunctional like everyone else, I felt accepted and loved. Especially by my 3 sisters and my nieces. As ascension is continuing and I seem to have more and more esoteric knowledge that isn’t mainstream or even comfortable, the more I find myself at odds with my family. I used to be able to discuss esoteric and spiritual things with them, but now, I’m finding that they think I am too negative and hostile. This is confusing me, because I don’t believe that I am, although granted I am angry about the damn Matrix and the ickyons. Then I remember this:


Yeah…I was verbally attacked by my youngest sister, and I hate to say I retreated into hurt feelings and anger myself. I went for a walk and sat on a boulder and tried to ground myself, but it still didn’t seem to dissipate the hurt I was feeling at being so misunderstood. I tried to rise above it, but it still rankled after I got home and went to bed.

Meditating on it, I do realize that my youngest sister is the one who least knows me…she is almost estranged from our family. She left home at 17 because she refused to follow my parents’ rules, she married young to a controlling, jealous alcoholic, had an affair and left her husband, which put her at odds with my traditional family who thought this was terrible. Then more recently, she got involved with a meth addict who was a psychic vampire who left her emotionally bankrupt. She isolated herself when she got involved with him (well, he isolated her I should say) and she now lives quite far away from all of us.

This means that she doesn’t know me very well, so her judgements aren’t necessarily valid observations. And yes, they say more about her perception of not just me, but of the world, more than they reflect the reality of my existence. Knowing this takes the sting out of the nasty interchange with her, but it left me pondering why I can’t seem to get through to my family about what is really going on in the world. And yes…it did occur to me that maybe I’m not “right” about my admittedly “conspiracy theorist” ideas and belief structure.

Then this morning I found this article on Why Won’t My Family Listen To Me? by a favorite author on In5D. It pointed out some very good insights, and gave me some new tools to try to deal with them.

There are various ways your family may take this information as you try to convince them that Earth is destined for a complete overhaul which will free humanity. One of the most common reactions is the blank stare, along with disbelief that any of this is actually coming out of your mouth. Another reaction I have experienced is anger and frustration. It can even get to the point where an ultimatum is made where they ask you not to talk about it at all. Fear of the unknown can cause the ego to jump to defenses that are there for survival protection.

Yeah…the ego defenses thing. Who really wants to believe that there are negative beings controlling us and making our lives miserable so they can feed on the negativity? And of course there are all kinds of things in place keeping everyone asleep so they don’t realize this…GMOs, vaccines, fluoride in the water, geoengineering, chemtrails, pharmaceuticals, etc, etc. And despite my trying to warn them, they all take way too many pills, don’t watch what they’re eating and don’t drink distilled water. They expose themselves to the damaging EMFs and ELFs from their cellphones, computers and tablets and ipods, GPS systems and ipads, etc. They watch TV all the time, and even believe in Fox News. sigh

And we should all know that TV is a horrible media for dumbing down people, and feeding them disinformation. We spent a large part of the day yesterday discussing various TV shows, none of which I watch because I don’t even have TV service. Yes, I do have an old TV, but most of the time it’s unplugged, and I only use it to watch DVDs when my computer is acting up. I remember sitting there, silent and observant, listening to them discuss zombies, Murder House, some hostile ET shows, and go on and on about the actors who play on these shows. sigh

Rather than try to force these things upon your family, be the one who does the research and stays prepared. As the shit hits the fan, it really won’t matter if you were right or not and there won’t be any need to say “I told you so”. What you are witnessing is the scheme of conformity that was carefully planned and implemented over thousands of years in order to keep people within a certain frequency that makes them compliant and programmable.

My last post was a rant about making sure that I recorded an argument with my other sister about the world economy collapsing, and her disbelief, and I know now that I am guilty of wanting to be “right” and wrote that post so I could say “I told you so”. sigh But it hurts to see my family members compliant and programmed like this. Maybe Corey Goode is right and there is only 300,000 of us ready for ascension. bleah

Some of you have been awake since you were born, but most of you had the “aha” moment like I did. The latter can think back to when they were asleep as well and you can remember what it was like to be asleep. There seems to be something that triggers a person into questioning everything and not too much is going to change a person’s thoughts that until that happens. There are two things that seem to help, though, and that is extreme fear or extreme love.

I am one of the ones who were born awake, and also my mother, but the others are going to have to have those aha moments. I do think the one sister has awakened, and had an aha moment, but she’s still mostly asleep. It feels like she’s willfully asleep though, since she refuses to entertain so many New Age ideas, especially anything that smacks of discomfort in her view of the world. I hate to say it, but I think it will have to be extreme fear that awakens most people in our world today. Some might be able to do it with extreme love, but as I know that many don’t even love themselves (myself included), that the extreme love thing might come across as suspect and not be believed. Which then leaves the probability that mass awakening will come through a full disclosure of how the Illuminati have duped us, and a total collapse of our economy and way of life. Leading to chaos, disruption, rioting, war? Oh man…I certainly hope it doesn’t play out that way!

But the thought that the extreme love could be experienced through the coming of benevolent ETs to show us the Light and Love of the Universe has been sabotaged by all these TV programs about hostile alien takeovers. I didn’t realize there were so many until I listened to my family discussing them yesterday. I really hope people aren’t buying into the bad ET idea…but damn, it’s the bad ETs who are doing this to us! However, they’re already here, negating our Free Will…the benevolent ones will ask permission to land. We need to remember this, since I do think there will be an alien disclosure, and First Contact, happening real soon. I have heard that we are to beware the idea of being Harvested, but there will (hopefully) be those who not just say they come in peace, but have no hidden agendas either. I hope people’s discernment is finely attuned enough, through all these energy waves and DNA restructuring events, that we can tell the difference.

Okay, that was kinda off track, but the author goes on to explain the love aspect thusly:

When a person ridicules another, most of the time it is a reflection of the fear that person holds within themselves. It could be the fear of change, the fear of being embarrassed about being under a subliminal spell, or the fear of themselves. This is why loving yourself becomes one of the top keys to overcoming fear.

She also reminds us that we are all individuals and are at different levels of awakening, with some even choosing not to awaken. It’s all about Free Will. And I know I need to remember to honor my family’s free will to not listen, not believe, not awaken.

Keep in mind that there are also levels of awakening designed to keep one from going completely insane. It is important to have respect for another’s level of awakening because we all truly see things differently due to our own unique perspective.

I am certain that my family feels that I am the one that is completely insane. Hey…they might even be right! LOL

I did need to be reminded that:

Those who incarnated with full memory of who they are along with memories of some past life recall are definitely here to help humanity prepare for the upcoming surprises that will shock the rest out of the spell that currently has a hold on them.

So although my esoteric knowledge base so often seems out of left field, I need to remember that I am learning all I can so I can be there for others when the shit hits the fan. I will be the one to help with understanding and hopefully have the tools to work with the new paradigm. Yelling from the rooftops will never get anyone to listen to you…it’s more likely to get you incarcerated. bleah Maybe I should be keeping this stuff to myself from now on. sigh

Some of us are so sure that we are here to make a difference that we may try to force this information upon the ones we love for their own good. The savior part of you may think that you have a duty to “save” your family by trying to get them to see the truth. Rest assured that there is a miraculous plan to combat the drone plan of subservience, domination, and control that will cause an uprising of humanity.

Oh yeah! I keep forgetting that Gaia’s got this…that the energy waves from the sun and the galactic core are doing their momentous work almost unawares, and that will do more to change people than mere words.