I just discovered that Quan Yin is an incarnation of Mary, although looking further into this, I have learned that she is considered to be a hybrid of the Mother Mary vibration. They explain it this way here:

Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, is a manifestation of the Divine Mother and serves mankind in much the same way as Mother Mary.

And the original site I quoted here, upon further reading, I realize the significance as:

Quan Yin – Kuan Yin – is an incarnation of Mary, Sophia, and other feminine icons. They are all the same soul – given the Yin frequency.

So I guess I misunderstood that Kuan Yin was an incarnation of Mary. Although I think this means they are part of the same soul group.

Anyway…the thought kept me from sleeping last night, so instead of sleeping I wrote about my musings in my Occult Codex.

Occult Codex 10-10-2016

I just discovered that Quan Yin was an incarnation of Mary. Or is that Mary was an incarnation of Quan Yin? Who is Quan Yin? She is a Chinese goddess of Mercy and Compassion. When did she exist? Before or after Mary? (it seems she originated in the twelfth or thirteenth century in both China and Japan). And is being deified the same thing as ascension? Did Mary ascend first, and what does it mean if Quan Yin came afterwards? Or is that why Quan Yin is considered a goddess? Because she was already ascended?

They say that the ascended masters are special because they have agreed to remain a part of the human equation, interacting with humans and helping us along the way. Would an ascended master who decided to come back to help be considered a god in a culture that believes in gods? Okay, that makes sense, that gods are already ascended masters and incarnate as gods, depending on the time and culture. So if Mary ascended 2,000 years ago, but incarnated again after a few hundred years later, then she would probably be seen as a goddess by the people of the time. Right? Or did she ascend in the lifetime as Quan Yin? I find it confusing that both Mary and Quan Yin sit on the Council of 12. Are they both considered ascended masters separately, or does ascension as one make all other incarnations ascended masters by default? 

I am thinking of Kuthumi here…he was St. Francis of Assisi in a previous incarnation. Is St. Francis an ascended master because he ascended that lifetime, or does he become one now that Kuthumi has ascended?  Was he an ascended master as St. Francis? (yes)

Of course, there is no such thing as time, and all lifetimes are happening concurrently. Still, how did Kuthumi ascend if he was already ascended as St. Francis? Why did he have to ascend again?

(does this mean I am an ascended master because one of my future lives ascends????)

Does this mean that the soul ascends when the soul extension does – and thus the other soul extensions, and the twin flame?

There’s a whole other thought…about the status of the twin flame. Since they are literally your other half, if one ascends, does this mean they both have ascended? And since your twin flame rarely incarnates at the same time as you, is it really you or both of you who have done the work to ascend? I would think this is the case.

But then, thinking back on Mary, she is supposedly the Archeia of archangel Raphael, and he’s been an ascended master since before Mary’s time. So shouldn’t Mary have already been ascended???? I am of the conviction that the Archeia are the twin flames of the archangels. Wouldn’t she already have been an archeia? Damn…this whole ascended master thing is complicated and rife with what…disinformation??? bleah

Also, to answer the question of are both incarnations considered ascended masters…the answer is already resolved in my further research this morning where I discovered they are part of the same soul group (despite the terminology being that they are part of the same soul). I think it’s all a semantics issue…I think a large part of the whole ascended masters, gods/goddesses, archangels, etc issues are problems in semantics! I went on to talk about soul vs soul aspect/extension as ascended master in another section of my Occult Codex.