Yup, I spent hours meditating on the whole ascended master issue I was having, and had to split my ramblings into two for brevity’s sake. I also didn’t have the following graphic to insert in my handwritten document, but I saw it in my mind’s eye as I was writing.

As I was firmly in an altered state at this point, this knowledge is from the Akashic Records. Or my guardian angel told me. Whatever. It comes from a higher source…my Higher Self maybe? I have included the answers to my questions from the higher source in boldface.

Occult Codex 10-10-2016

Thinking further on this…considering the soul hierarchy with Oversoul->Soul->Male/Female aspect->soul extensions, what happens when a soul extension ascends?


Oversoul is already ascended – it is the Higher Self. As we descend into physicality and the lower realms, our soul fractures into male/female and then into incarnations. As the incarnations finally raises its frequency to match the Oversoul, then the soul is said to ascend. 

What are ascended masters? Do all souls that reunite and ascend to join with the Oversoul become ascended masters? 

No. It is only the soul extension that chooses to remain separate and connected to humanity that becomes an ascended master. That is how both Mary and Quan Yin can be ascended masters. Their other selves chose not to be, although all soul aspects are now one with the Oversoul. 

From what I remember, it works like this: the Group Soul contains many Oversouls, and the Oversoul is neither male nor female. It is the Higher Self in that it is the higher levels of our soul/etheric body/lightbody. We have 7 “bodies” or levels to our Oversoul…the physical is the densest, then the emotional body, then the mental body, then the astral body, then the etheric level, the akashic level and lastly the ketheric level. The Oversoul exists at the Ketheric level. All the other layers are fractured parts of it. The lower 3 bodies (physical, emotional, mental) are the lowest level and are the soul extensions in the diagram above. The astral body is kinda a transitional state…or rather, the form that non-corporeal entities exist at. I believe that the upper 3 states are the Oversoul state.

I know this because the kundalini is designed to cleanse and refine the lower 3 bodies in order to bring it into alignment with the upper 3. I think that means it aids in the ascension process, ie. perfecting our lower selves so that we can merge with our Higher Self. Looking for an image to portray this, the best I could find was this:


Now because they’re talking about the aura here, the names are different. We are more than our auras…they are our energetic template. But it translates well to the soul layers…except the etheric body is the physical body, and the celestial body is the akashic level, which I agree has no form. But then neither does the ketheric level. There is no form at either level…we are pure energy at this point.

At the etheric level, you have a choice to use a form or not. Usually when you are interacting with humans who have just passed over, you maintain a form for them. You can walk around with a form if you wish, but it’s kinda like wearing clothes in a nudist colony. LOL This is also the level where one sees wings on people. Wings are merely energy feelers, like the antenna on a moth. Actually, visually, I’d say that the astral body looks more like the etheric template above though. I’d switch the 2 images around myself. I also believe that the ketheric form is golden, and the akashic form is silver. The akashic level is the first split, from pure spirit to an intellect form. It is the part that begins the “I AM” process, which is the process whereby we become aware of ourselves as separate from God.

The Oversoul comprises all the different layers, but technically, you could say that once all the layers are merged, they all exist as a single entity at the ketheric level. When we ascend, we have become one with our Oversoul. Of course, there are other levels of merging, until you are once again part of Source. Which would be the unknown “other levels” alluded to in the first diagram. This would look something like this then, with the ketheric and akashic having no form, the etheric and the astral with a non-corporeal form that is transient, and can be changed, and the mental, emotional and physical bodies being the dense physical incarnation in 3D:


So an ascended master would be a soul extension that has decided to remain separate from the Oversoul merging, usually to help others get to the same stage. Hmmm…that seems awfully self-sacrificing of the soul extension. But then, it’s probably more likely that the Oversoul decides to keep back part of itself in order to further its own ascension (gain more brownie points if you will) on it’s path to what? to merging with the soul group? Whatever…I’m not inclined to ponder on this right now. LOL

Addendum: I've reconsidered this and have come to this conclusion in this post: 

Thus, ascended masters must still be divided at the soul level, although all the other soul aspects are now joined with the Oversoul. I am convinced that those who choose to remain behind to help others are still at the soul level,and probably at the etheric level,  and not merged with their Oversoul at the highest Ketheric level. So in a sense, true Ascension has not been realized for the soul aspect who is staying behind.