Thinking further on the soul hierarchy pictures and what I have discovered thus far about the soul levels, I got to wondering about what angels are. What is their soul structure? Looking at this picture again, I think angels are Oversouls who have not divided down into the soul stage. They may or may not have the ketheric and akashic levels, I’m not certain. Or maybe there are some at both levels. But I don’t believe they have fractured to the extent of having a soul, and thus have never taken on a physical form and become human.


I also believe that there are angels in our soul groups, just as the other oversouls that become soul extensions are soulmates. I mean, the other oversouls in your soul group are all “soulmates”, and include both angels and other souls with their soul extensions. I know that my guardian angel is a good friend of mine on the Other Side, but I also know she is part of my soul group. What does confuse me about her is the fact that she has a gender…it makes me wonder who the hell Carolla really is. Maybe Carolla is not my true guardian angel, or perhaps she just chooses to call herself a feminine name in order to make it easier for me to relate to her, since I am rather misandrist (I used to be much worse!) I will have to try harder to converse with her on this. I have never actually seen her though, only her eyes. And I have felt her wings around me a few times when I needed protection. But I am not sure if it is just my perception that makes me think she is female, or if she really is.

However, looking at it from the above perspective, if angels only exist at the ketheric and possibly akashic level, then they would not have a form. Most aliens exist at the etheric and astral levels, and have non-corporeal bodies, since 99% of planets are hostile to physical life. But then, I believe that 99% of sentient beings are strictly spirit, so it makes sense that the planets don’t have to conform to our physical laws of physics. It is only the human element that is so damned convoluted. LOL Well, I guess all physical beings, although I wonder if physical ETs have the same 7 levels? Hmmm…someone needs to ask Bashar this. LOL

I do think that maybe the angels that become guardian angels and other types of angels that help out humans (process angels, etc), exist at both the ketheric and the akashic level. I know that angels have taken me into the Temple of Knowledge when I have gone into the Light and found myself on the Other Side. I cannot honestly tell you what these angels look like though…I am not certain they have a form. The “choir of angels” in the Temple of Music do not have forms, nor do the humans that go into the Temple. You lose your form at the door! You literally become the music. It is a fascinating experience I wish I could recall in greater depth.

I do know that the winged people you encounter on the Etheric Plane are humans with their wings open, taking in all the subtle energies. I don’t think angels actually have wings…they don’t need such sensing apparatus. Although I think the sensation of my guardian angel’s wings around me might just be the way I perceive her energy as encompassing me. A convenient metaphor my conscious mind concocted. I would say that my guardian angel has an “I AM” consciousness though. I am also certain there are other types of angels that are not actually separate from God in the sense that they have an awareness of themselves. I dunno…don’t quote me.

I do know that the planets and stars are sentient too, which means that Gaia exists at both the ketheric and the akashic levels. She also exists at the physical level, and is said to have a chakra system too.




I talked about this in my post What is Tara? which is supposedly Gaia’s name at the 5D level. Earth is her name at the 3D level, and Gaia is her 7D name. I guess that makes it her Oversoul name, her angel name maybe? Does this mean Earth is a soul extension of Gaia’s? And I know I’ve asked this before…if she is a feminine energy, who is her twin flame????

Since she seems to have an energy body with chakras like us, and she is in the process of ascending, I guess she’s a lot like us in some ways. I still feel like she is a drastically different kind of soul though. This is why I am so concerned about the moon…I don’t know if it has a soul. Which makes it what then???? 😦