Well, I want to blog on a bunch of things since I spent a good part of yesterday just reading up on all kinds of things. Where to begin? I guess maybe a couple of brief random ramblings?

Like why Obama actually gave legitimacy to Alex Jones’ rants that both he and Hillary are actually demons. I was disturbed to watch a brief clip where Obama is making fun of the man, and Obama asserts that he’s not a demon because he does not smell like sulphur as Jones’ charges. Now, I recall watching a video by this Alex Jones, and he is strident in his assertions that various personages (yes, including Obama and Hillary), are reptilians. I don’t believe he called them demons, but I watched a couple of different videos where various people were being shown to be reptilians. There are a lot of YouTube videos out there that purport to explain and show proof that politicians, celebrities, monarchs, etc, are reptilians. I am wondering why Obama suddenly called out Alex Jones? Makes me think I should look him up again and re-watch that video.

We’ve just landed a weather station on Mars…why? I guess previous installations keep getting destroyed. Ummm…maybe the ETs that live on Mars don’t want our junk on their planet? Maybe those “weather stations” are more than just recording weather stats? Seems like a lot of money to build just a plain weather station, and to keep building them because the others keep getting destroyed. Just saying…

And after re-visiting my Space X Falcon 9 rocket explosion post to update some info on it, I also encountered that they’re planning to launch the same rocket (well, a new one with the same payload) again in November. I think it will be interesting to see if it explodes again. Wonder if they’ll give it up if it happens a second time? I wonder if it will actually come to pass, or if something will waylay the whole endeavor? I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for any news of this. If I hear nothing, I will know that someone waylaid the whole project. Maybe got to Zuckerberg or something.

Which brings me to something to the leaked emails from Hillary’s email server that were posted on Wikileaks…and the fact that her campaign manager John Podesta had several emails talking about ETIs (extraterrestrial intelligence) and this Zero Point Energy program they are trying to bring to our planet. I heard rumblings that maybe Hillary will be the one to use full disclosure as a way to help out her campaign platform. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Hmmm…she is a Scorpio….we’re full of secrets and love pulling rabbits out of hats and shocking people. I’m thinking that this Wikileaks data dump is just the beginning of the data dumps I’ve heard were likely to be used to bring about Full Disclosure. I do think that Full Disclosure about aliens and by default, the reptilians and negative ETs that have enslaved and controlled us for millennia, is going to happen soon.

Then I was watching an interview with David Wilcock and Corey Goode, and David mentioned something about ekpyrosis…which is a Stoic idea that there is a periodic purging of the planet and maybe even the universe where everything is destroyed and life starts all over again. David seems to think that maybe the Sun is going to have a massive CME (coronal mass ejection) where the entire corona is ejected, which will cause a fireball to engulf the planet, destroying everything in its wake. Maybe that is how ascension will happen…all our 3D physical shells will be destroyed, but those who have worked on their crystalline lightbodies will still exist on the planet in 5D instead. Interesting idea.

Yeah…I read too much, think too much. And this is just a little bit of yesterday’s “data dump” for me. LOL