I was watching this video with David Wilcock and Corey Goode, and David threw out the Stoic concept of Ekpyrosis.

ekpyrosis (ancient Greek ἐκπύρωσις, ekpurōsis), which is Greek for “conflagration”; it refers to an ancient Stoic cosmological model in which the universe is caught in an eternal cycle of fiery birth, cooling and rebirth. – Wikipedia

He suggested that Ascension might be a gigantic solar event, where a massive ejection of the entire corona of the sun would destroy and essentially cleanse the 3D Earth and usher Gaia into the 5th dimension. Our physical 3D bodies would be destroyed, the Illuminati and reptilians and the entire Matrix system would be destroyed, everything that has been poisoned and GMO’d would be purged, and the physical Earth would be cleansed to begin anew. Although our physical forms would be destroyed, our new lightbodies would continue to exist in the 5th dimension instead of the 3rd dimension. This sounds very plausible to me.

Now my sister thought this was an awful thought, and wondered what would we do in 5D…what couldn’t we do? We could create without wars, suffering, poverty, lack, slavery, torture, pain, sickness, bullying, etc, etc. Sounds like a wonderful world to live in, even if there wasn’t a physical component. And what’s so great about physicality? She said she didn’t want to give up sex, but then I tried to explain what sex really is and why it would be better without an overweight, tired, imperfect body. No messy bodily fluids. Just a better melding of our souls without any worrying about what the other person was thinking or feeling. Because you would KNOW, since you were more thoroughly connected than is possible in physical sex. Too abstract for her I guess. sigh Maybe it’s just me, since I’m asexual, but sex is not a good enough reason to stay in a physical body as far as I’m concerned.

For whatever reason, this idea of ekpyrosis has really stuck in my mind, and reading more of David’s post here, I see he’s been working on this idea for a while now too and he has discussed this idea of a solar flash. Or maybe it was Corey Goode. I’ll have to try to find the info again. I’ve been getting too sidetracked by other posts. bleah But I guess many end-times scenarios by various religions all speak of a fiery end of times. The Rapture, etc. I dunno, but with all the solar activity that is ramping up lately, it isn’t seeming so far-fetched anymore.

But I’m thinking I’m getting a better idea on what Ascension really will look like. It ties in with other information from other psychics and channelings about a New Earth that we will find ourselves in. And it seems the perfect solution to the increasingly disastrous mess we’ve made of this poor planet. And I have to agree with David when he states:

Ultimately, human life is energetic, not biological. The biological form is only one phase of our overall evolutionary curve as souls.