Well, I am just starting to sleep better when what do I read? There is another volley of geomagnetic storms headed our way with ascension upgrades!

From the middle to the end of this month, there is solar activity forecasted for us to have yet another extended, solar magnetic storm.

Oy! Sometimes I need to keep my mouth shut. bleah. Yeah, I want it over with because I am just so tired of it all, but I dunno about this fast-tracking ascension path. Although…it is a good thing, and makes me think that we’re in the last stages now. I sincerely hope so!

Now according to this post on More Physical Ascension Upgrades Coming October 13th, today is the day that this latest geomagnetic storm pattern begins, and will last until the end of the month. We just had “on September 25 through October 1, we had a very long sustained geomagnetic storm pattern” that I am just recovering from. bleah. I know these upgrades are good things, but shit…why are they so hard on a person?

Although to be honest, I am in better shape than a lot of people, for I am not physically ill with some disease or health problem. But I am suffering through headaches and nausea and funny aches and pains that come and go, as well as feeling like a kind of lightning rod or something. Like I just have too much energy coursing through me, which keeps me from sleeping and makes me feel whacked out and woo-hooey. I seem to be constantly in an altered state of consciousness these days, and having a hard time feeling grounded and “physical”. Even my Dotsero diamond stone that I use to ground me, and walking around barefoot outside and touching trees, isn’t doing it for me.

Now according to the post, we have already gone through an upgrade to our nervous system, and are headed for an endocrine system upgrade. This is physical ascension upgrades now I guess.

I was told that our nervous system has already been upgraded this year. Remember those panic attacks, weird unfounded fears and lack of sleep? This was the first steps in physical ascension.

Now our endocrine system is getting an upgrade. We will experience emotional and physical challenges similar to ones that we had at the end of September, but at a deeper intensity. Most sensitive and empathic people will simply not be comfortable during this phase.

Oh yeah, I remember the massive anxiety attacks I was having about my eviction and looking for a new place I could afford. I don’t know if they were weird, unfounded fears though. And lack of sleep…LOL

Now we get to experience these emotional and physical challenges at a deeper intensity??? And us sensitives and empaths are not going to be comfortable??? Like I’ve been comfortable at all in the last couple of months!!! bleah Yes, I’m ready to fast-track through these ascension upgrades to get it finished now, but damn! Please God, help me through this and don’t let it get any worse! Like I don’t need to become homeless or something equally horrid!!!

Many (even MEN!) will have strong PMS like symptoms and strange hot and cold cycles. We will not have the ability to control body temperature during the rest of this month. Facial flushes, sinus issues and weird fever-like symptoms might arise as well. This is because our Adrenal and Thyroid glands are being upgraded. All of our glandular systems are being upgraded, and thus our hormones are being reprogrammed. You are not sick; you are being physically upgraded. For older women, this might mean feeling old menopause symptoms arise again. Sorry.

Well, that doesn’t seem too bad…it’s already kinda par for the course in the fall for me to experience a lot of this kind of thing. The body temperature fluctuations and the sinus problems. I can deal with that. And my menopause wasn’t that rough…the worst of it was night sweats. Okay, maybe this won’t be so bad after all. I take good care of myself and have learned to deal with a lot of this stuff, so I’m going to maintain being positive and assume that it won’t be so bad for me this time around. After all,

These geomagnetic storms are disrupting our usual process and are triggering our bodies to process new frequencies in a different way.

And the post does help to explain the most upsetting physical symptom I’ve been having…

You are most likely feeling these symptoms already… Dizzy spells, bloating and weird digestive and elimination issues. Your body is dumping anything into your bowels to purge that which will not serve your regeneration.

Yeah, the elimination issues. The gas…which I rarely get because I do eat pretty clean. Maybe the weight gain? And yes, some dizziness where I find myself stumbling around sometimes. I’ve even gone and checked my blood pressure, just in case it was high.

The post does have some advice on how to cope, and I’m pleased to say that I already do a lot of this stuff. It makes me hopeful that I can traverse this latest energy wave with minimal problems, since I am already so weary from the last volley. She did mention that she was

not going to share what this crazy time will do to the fragile, shifting world stage at this time. The world stage implications is in another message coming soon (Yikes!) Today’s message is for YOU, so you can take care of the most important thing. That is YOU!

Hmmm…maybe that is good advice. Maybe I should just focus on myself and forget about what is going on in the world, especially since it stresses me out. Although to be honest, I’ve been finding a lot of positive feedback about what is going on in the world, and where we stand on eliminating the whole Matrix and Illuminati problem. I do feel a lot more hopeful and encouraged since I started reading Corey Goode and David Wilcock. There are a lot of people saying that the beneficial ETs are ready and willing to help and that they are working in the background to assure our ascension. I do choose to believe this…it resonates as Truth to me.

So…we will ascend and everything will be more than just fine…it will be wonderful!