Michelle Walling over at In5D sums up how I’m feeling these days, and explains why:

Are you feeling like you are DONE and just want to go home? There are several reasons spiritual burnout is occurring right now. Energetically, we have received many waves of energy that are wiping out all that does not serve us. As we shift timelines and frequencies, we may feel a disconnect from our bodies. Now is the time to make the changes necessary to adapt to the new energies and to learn how to take better care of ourselves.

There are many reasons for spiritual burnout. First of all, we are ascending! Our DNA is changing, our cells are morphing, and our vibrational level and consciousness are rising. Whether we realize it or not, these changes started many years ago at a slower pace in order to help us get used to change. We have reached an acceleration now and anything that has not been addressed or cleared is coming up for our attention.

Spiritual burnout is a great word to explain how I’ve been feeling, and reflecting in my recent posts. It was a useful reminder to be told that the changes did start many years ago and we did start out at a slower pace. Oh yes, I remember the kundalini problems I have been experiencing for the last 25 years or so. The kundalini flu, which many are getting now as ascension flu. So many physical symptoms that the doctor could never find any reason for, to the point that my doctor actually dropped me as a patient. I am not a hypochondriac…there were actually symptoms, just the tests never found anything wrong. I had learned that when that happened, that it was a kundalini energy thing. So yes, I can see how this ascension process has been slowly happening over the years for me. I guess I really shouldn’t be bitching about it speeding up now. This is the final lap…right?

I was encouraged to find that she verified that there are extraterrestrial forces at work here too…

there have been a lot of low level frequencies bombarding the planet through extraterrestrial technology. In concert with the food and water additives that respond to ELF’s and the collective stress that everyone on the planet is feeling, it has been hard to shake the feelings of despair, anger, and frustration. In a way, some of us needed to experience that so we could transmute those feelings for the collective. But we are now moving beyond that role and are focusing on the self, which is the best way to help the collective at this time.

I have been reading about a war that is being waged over our very heads by ETs who are fighting to keep the negative ETs from causing problems. The recent rash of sightings of fireballs, meteorites, and meteor flybys are really the result of this ET war being waged in our atmosphere. I was reading about this yesterday, yet cannot find my links now in my history. Hmmm…wait, I just found it on David Wilcock’s blog, which is one of the links I saved in my Favorites. But the above alludes to the shit the damn Illuminati and reptilians are doing to us, and how all the toxic garbage they are throwing at us is adding to the stressors that we are experiencing in our ascension symptoms.

I like that the focus is on moving away from the empathic role of transmuting negative energy for the collective…I have been aware for a while now that a lot of the negative stuff I’ve been dealing with isn’t actually my stuff. It was really driven home this past weekend when I got into an altercation with my youngest sister over something really stupid, and later realized it was about transmuting some old psychic familial stuff. Not fun, but I’m glad I came to realize what was really going on, and I do feel it has been transmuted now. Guess I’ll have to wait until our next family gathering. But I do need the reminder that it is okay to focus on myself and not be doing this kind of thing all the time…I know this is a large part of why I am so tired. Because my physical symptoms aren’t that bad…it’s the psychic stuff that wears me out.

But this post offers a solution:

Finally, many of us have been in service to our fellow awakened friends by tirelessly healing, clearing, and informing them. We have been doing the work for them and have given and given until we have almost nothing left to give. We are now finding ourselves depleted as we needed the energy to deal with the energetic shifts. It is now time to regenerate our energy and to change the way we help people.

From here on out, we should be empowering people to find the answers within themselves. The message we get when we are in burnout is ENOUGH serving at the moment.

Okay…that makes sense. And I am now in a position where I need to focus on myself since I am in the process of packing up and moving. Although it hurts my heart, I have stopped giving my energy to the poor feral kitties outside. I feel it isn’t fair to them to keep feeding them since I will soon not be there to do so, and I am not certain at how sympathetic the new tenant will be to having ferals coming around. I don’t want them to come into conflict with the new people when they come around expecting food and some compassion. It helps knowing there are a couple of other people in the neighborhood who do feed them already. I’m just sorry that they will now be bearing more of the brunt of caring for these poor babies. And I know that I needed to stop with the ferals, because they have been stressing me out terribly. Perhaps not so strangely, all the sick ones come to me to be healed. But I worry so much about them all, and I am finding that it is no longer beneficial for me. Or my own kitties…they are now suffering with fleas! And I can tell that it hurts their feelings that I spend so much time with these other cats. I know one in particular is concerned that I will replace him with one of the outside cats. sigh

I think this move is a good thing on many levels. I think the energy waves/ascension energies are moving me into a better energetic location.