Wow, I had a wonderful dream this morning. I dreamed that I fell down this tube like structure that was filled with light and seemed a little like this selenite cave, in that there were these white pillar-like things sticking out of the sides.


They weren’t intersecting down the middle of the tube, just around the edges, so I was free-falling straight down without encountering them. They made the tube/tunnel glow though. As I was falling, I was certain that this was a bottomless pit, and I called out to 2 people to help save me. The first person (and I cannot remember their names now at all), was busy fighting off someone else, so couldn’t come to my aid. I called out to the other person, and they came swooping down into the tube after me. I think they had wings, but it was almost a superhero type of thing.

But what was significant and most amazing to me, was that there was a bottom, and a yellow angel caught me before I hit the ground! She laughed joyously as she caught me up in all this bright, sunshiny yellow light, which seemed to be a combination of her wings and her gown. It was a spectacular save at the last moment, and my friend showed up almost at the same time, and just missed saving me by moments. She probably would have saved me, but the yellow angel caught me first. She was such a happy, joyous spirit, and I can still hear her happy tinkling kind of laugh ringing out. It was like when you throw a kid up in the air and catch them and laugh because there really wasn’t any danger. Her energy was so happy and light and joyous…it was just amazing! I woke up, and tried to get back into the dream, but it was gone. sigh

Now I’ve been wondering if maybe the angel was my guardian angel Carolla, who I’ve been having some doubts about. I do think that it was. Although I have mentioned before that I worry that an angel, who I think should be non-gender, is showing up as a female. She has told me this is because I am so mistrustful of males that it was best to show up as feminine energy so I would be comfortable and trusting with her.

Which got me to thinking about soul structure again…specifically, at which point does the soul split up into male and female energies. I had proposed this idea where the soul splits into male and female before descending into physicality and the various soul aspects (extensions).

divsions-of-consciousness-twinflameBut there seems to be a lot of discrepancies that I can’t reconcile into this model. For instance, I consider Ladosa Jenavi to be my Oversoul, but she is definitely female. I have encountered angels on the Other Side and I’m not certain they are not male and/or female. They might be transgender though, I dunno for sure. They were just souls and I don’t remember paying attention to what they looked like; I only remember the overwhelming sense of lovingkindness they exuded.

It does seem that aliens have genders, and looking up about the Ascended Masters, they are definitely mostly male actually. Which is another issue altogether…I don’t believe there are sexism issues on the Other Side! It makes me wonder who the Ascended Masters are too. ūüė¶ But, for the sake of argument, that a person becomes an Ascended Master…what does this mean? I have discussed this before¬†too, and wondered if perhaps it meant the soul merged back into the Oversoul. Wouldn’t this mean that the male/female split would be healed, if you go by my chart above?

Meditating on it early this morning (my usual 4:30 am musings), I am convinced that the male/female split occurs earlier in the fracturing of the Oversoul. Looking at this chart…


…I’m thinking that maybe the male/female split occurs at the akashic level, when the Oversoul first starts the individuation process. I believe angels are Oversouls, and can be part of our¬†soul groups, but they are operating at the Ketheric level, maybe the akashic level. This would explain why some angels might have a gender.

I do know that I have encountered genders on the etheric level, when I have gone into the Light and found myself on that level on the Other Side. And the astral body has genders, not only because ghosts show up as male and female, but because if you’ve ever done astral projection, your astral form is very much like your physical form…just non-corporeal.

Thus, ascended masters must still be divided at the soul level, although all the other soul aspects are now joined with the Oversoul. I am convinced that those who choose to remain behind to help others are still at the soul level,and probably at the etheric level,  and not merged with their Oversoul at the highest Ketheric level. So in a sense, true Ascension has not been realized for the soul aspect who is staying behind.

Which got me to thinking about the Ascension process we are all going through. Are we going to become ascended masters? Because I am not convinced that we are ascending to the level where we are totally merged with the Oversoul. I think this ascension we are going through right now means we are ascending to a higher dimension only…the 5th dimension. Which may be the level the ascended masters are at. Which I am thinking is at the etheric level.

Question: Is the 5th level of our auric system, the etheric level, the same thing as the 5th dimension??? I'm thinking it is.

Anyway…I know I was thinking about this last night before falling asleep, and wanting to have a dream or something about what is going to be happening when the final ascension process happens. After hearing about ekpyrosis and thinking it was probably a good bet on how ascension would happen, I must have been a little worried about it all. I guess the angel dream means that we’re going down the rabbit hole only to be caught up in our angel’s arms, and where there is sunshine, happiness and joy. There is nothing to fear.

Another thing that I remember from the dream though…the “room” that we were in had some lovely artifacts in it, and I said that I’d seen similar things up top. She laughed her happy little laugh and said of course, they are the reason that the others created the duplicates. I’m thinking the significance of this part of the dream was to reassure me that there would still be a form aspect to the 5th dimension, that it isn’t some amorphous nebulous state where we do nothing. There is still art, and people forms. Not that I was worried about it, but I know my sister is. LOL

All in all, I think the dream was a wonderful reassurance that ascension would be a beautiful, and not scary after all, experience.