Okay…does everyone realize that President Obama has just issued an executive order on “Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation on Space Weather Events”? It seems like suddenly the government is concerned with solar flares and solar winds and other solar events knocking out the infrastructure. Ummm…what does he know that we don’t???? Secureteam10, my fave UFO site, discusses this new development here. Then this site here not only posts the whole Executive Order here, but also claims it’s the White House’s preparation for The Event.

Addendum: It seems that a very anomalous plasma event happened just one day after the president's Executive Order...see this post here.

There is also a video with analyses from DAHBOO77 who realizes that it’s set up with counter-terrorism in mind, and also gives various agencies 120 days to

“develop a plan to test and evaluate available devices that mitigate the effects of geomagnetic disturbances on the electrical power grid through the development of a pilot program that deploys such devices, in situ, in the electrical power grid.”

Geez…this kinda sounds like setting up some kind of red flag situation whereby they could destroy the power infrastructure and blame it on a solar flare or anything else (read Russian attack?). This was quietly pushed through, and it does seem suspicious in a multitude of ways.

Addendum: Actually, maybe Obama and his people watched this video here by Suspicious Observer, who reports on solar activity daily.

This leads back into my post on Ekpyrosis, and my increasing conviction that it will be a massive solar event that will propel us into the 5th dimension. Probably through a conflagration that will destroy the 3D world and transform all of us into our lightbodies and the New Earth of 5D reality. As I stated in that post on Ekpyrosis, I am convinced that a massive CME from Sol will cleanse and purify Gaia so that she can raise her frequency to the 5th dimensional realm. I think that our little blue-green planet is about to become a dust bowl like most other planets. And us humans will become like most ETs…non-corporeal beings.

Addendum: David Wilcock and Corey Goode also discuss the meaning of this Executive Order in their Cosmic Disclosure episode that is discussed here.

Did you know that the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening at 10 times the normal rate (see the article here)? It is the magnetic field which keeps out solar radiation. Is Gaia lowering her shields??? Definitely the poles are shifting, which I have discussed before here. There are plenty of scientific studies that are showing this, and even NASA is concerned. There is also this disturbing video on how the magnetopause, which is part of the magnetic field, has been collapsing. Definitely our magnetic field is weakening, which would allow space weather, not just from the sun, to hit our earth.

With the magnetic field no longer strong enough to hold out solar radiation, where does this leave the planet? What happens if a strong solar flare hits us head on? I think this is where the ekpyrosis idea suddenly becomes a very interesting hypothesis.

I have been wondering for a long time now about what ascension will be like. What 5D is like. I know that the energy that the sun is sending to Gaia is helping us with the changes to our forms from dense physical to crystalline lightbodies. I just did a post on how the current geomagnetic storms that first hit on Oct 13th and will be sustained until the end of the month will impact our physical bodies. That it is our endocrine systems being upgraded. The September energies upgraded our nervous system. There is increasing solar activity these days, which is impacting all of us, changing our DNA and upgrading all parts of our body/mind/spirit.

The sun is very active these days, and is obviously playing a major role in our ascension process. We are electromagnetic beings after all, and the magnetic storms that the sun sends out can’t help but affect us. Even moreso since the magnetic field that keeps such energy out is weakening due to the pole shift.

You know, I have always known that the Pole shift and Ascension were going to happen concurrently, but I never really understood the connection. I am now seeing where the connection is…Gaia must lower her shielding and allow in the ascension energy that both Sol and the Galactic Core is sending her. The pole shift is the physical manifestation of her lowering her shields. I find it fascinating to see how this information that I first learned back in the 1980s is now being played out.

It is very exciting times we live in, and I am very excited to see what will happen next. No one seems sure what will happen exactly, and that seems to be the reason why there are so many ET ships not only cloaked above us in our upper atmosphere, but why there are so many hiding around the other planets in our solar system. They are all here to watch the show! LOL

And many are here to help us through it. To be there when we come out the other side of it. I don’t know how much they can help currently, because it is our destiny and our Free Will driving ascension, but I do believe they are here to offer their support and friendship. They will help us become a more fully Realized Galactic race, and welcome us into the Galactic world. I think that is why the whole Full Disclosure thing is so big right now too…because the ETs know we will soon become a part of their world too. We are expanding outside of the myopic little world of being all alone on this little planet.