The other day, I was with my sister at her workplace, where she works alone all day, and I often visit in case she needs to use the washroom or get some banking done. Well, she is very obviously going through ascension, and I see the very obvious signs in her. When she decided to leave her bad marriage and move out, she asked for verification that she was doing the right thing by finding dimes. And she has found many, many dimes since then! While I was there, she found 2 more! I was feeling a little miffed, and even kinda abandoned by my guides. I had asked for quarters (they are more useful for me, since I have to use the laundromat and the machines use quarters), and I have only found one to date. And that was on the day we joked about it. sigh.

Then my guardian angel reminded me that there have been many other signs for me. I am finding a lot of references to the car type Corolla, which is a variant of my guardian angel’s name Carolla. I have seen a number of dragonflies, and there was a time earlier when I was seeing fireflies, which are Oya’s symbols. I see a lot of little yellow butterflies, which are Oshun’s symbol. I was reminded that I am actually seeing (but not paying attention to) a lot of feathers when my sister asked me what color this feather she found was (it was kinda brownish gray) because she wanted to look it up. Yeah, I have seen a lot of feathers lately. Why aren’t I paying attention to this sign?

I can see Chango laughing at me and shaking his head…he wraps his arms around me and says it’s okay. As long as I wake up. And of course, there is his little Shaggy song that he made play in my head all night. LOL Then there was the beautiful yellow angel dream yesterday, and even discovering all these new guides. Instead of the quarters, I guess I’m having more varied confirmations and reassuring gestures…dreams and visions and synchronicities. A lot of the time synchronicities, especially with the number 33.

So really, my feeling of the Universe not loving me or caring as much about me that I had the other day with my sister, is not valid. Strange how it really felt like the Universe loved my sister better because she has been finding all those dimes. But on reflection, I realize it’s because she’s not at the same level as I am in interpreting other spiritual confirmations. I am being told that I can see the number sequence synchronicity, the other subtle messages that Oya, Chango and Carolla are sending me that she wouldn’t notice. Though I wasn’t paying attention to the feathers. LOL

Strange how a song stuck in my head helped me see this. 😀