Okay, I know I’m probably sounding a little obsessive about this whole ekpyrosis thing, but it just rings as truth to me. And it looks like David Wilcock has been talking about a solar flash as the harbinger to our Ascension process for a while now. As has many ancient cultures which David bases his analysis on.

I was watching this very long video yesterday, and David was at the UFO and Alien Conference I think in LA, and he got into this idea of the Solar Flash. He starts out explaining how light photons are actually what activates and determines our DNA…not that the coding is in our DNA, but rather, that the photonic energy creates it. Thus, Light is all there is. Then he shows how this microscopic worm instantaneously and spontaneously evolved when placed under extreme stress, leading to the notion that stress actually fuels ascension.

Then he explains the geometric structure of the universe, and how we are nearing the completion of a 26,000 year cycle where the photons from the Galactic Center will radiate through the nodes of the geometric shapes and cause a burst of photon energy. When our sun hits the node, it will give off a blast of light and energy, which will have one of 3 effects on us humans and kickstarting our ascension process. There will be those who choose not to ascend and will die in the catastrophe scenario; there will be those who will be taken off-world as the planet undergoes it’s transformation with the pole shift; and finally, those who are ascending will lose their physical form and transform into their lightbodies.

This is much as I imagine it, as far as the transforming into our lightbodies. However, I guess it seems there are not really a lot of people who are ready to ascend; most will choose to leave the planet and set up on an alternative planet, a New Earth. This is why there are thousands of spaceships cloaked in our atmosphere and in other planets’ atmospheres. Not just to watch the show, but to “save” the bulk of our civilization when the time comes. They have the technology to instantaneously transport us to their ships, before the flash occurs.

How can they know when the Flash will occur? Well, it seems that not only are there Draco tankers exerting mind control over us all in the atmosphere, but they are also shielding us from the sun’s energetic blasts, which they know they will not survive. As are Corey Goode’s Blue Sphere Beings.

But the Blue Sphere Beings are waiting for us to be ready for the blast…ummm…I still have a big problem with this! Who are they to make that determination? They have our permission? Ummm…I didn’t give them mine. I want this ascension thing to happen now already! It smacks of arrogance and negating my free will here, if you ask me. We’re not ready???? To be honest, those who aren’t ready will never be ready, IMO. And there’s the whole microscopic worm thing with instantaneous evolution…who’s to say that won’t happen to us too? We’ll only know if you let the natural order of things to happen!!

So yeah, now I know the ETs know about this solar flash event, and are preventing it, ancient societies knew about it, science knows it can happen and how, and my own intuition is screaming that this is how ascension is going to happen. You really need to watch the video though, for David explains it so lucidly that all doubt is gone from my mind. Although who knows…maybe it won’t be a solar flash from our sun, but the Galactic Sun, which is what is heralding the end of the cycle that is causing the poles to shift and us to ascend.

According to the Ra of the Law of One, which I dunno about to be honest, despite David’s and the Blue Avians’ endorsement for it, this flash will happen in 2018. It has been postponed from 2011/2012 because of the Cabal and their machinations. I guess they have some scary weapons that have to be defused and eliminated as a potential galaxy wide threat. According to something else I read elsewhere, the Alliance (good guys) have now found a way to defuse the one kind of bomb, which they think will work with the other kind too. I don’t know if I even want to get into these toplet/strangelet bomb thing to be honest. This is galactic warfare and I don’t even think it can be verified at this point, so I don’t think I care to know more. Whatever.

I guess another reason they are hesitant to let us just experience this solar flash is because it was found to cause the negatively oriented to freak out and get violent, whereas the ones who are ready for ascension are only blissed out by being exposed to this energy. Well…I think most people are still asleep, and I think exposure for them will either wake them up or kill them. I think we should take our chances…I’m still counting on spontaneous evolution here! 🙂

There is also another concern…and that’s the Full Disclosure thing…the Event. I guess we stand a better chance once our eyes are opened to the fact of how the Cabal has kept us asleep and subservient all along, and that ETs are real and here to help. This is a good point actually, since the greatest majority won’t be ascending but leaving to the New Earth. I dunno anymore…my fatigue is such that I just want this to be over with already! My patience is worn too thin and has broken. Just fucking hit us with your best shot already!!!! (cue Pat Benetar LOL)