Just read a very interesting, thoughtful piece entitled Prejudice Against Reptilians Parallels Prejudice Against Jews, and John Smith, the author makes some very valid points in his analysis. He points out that the Nizkor Project that the Germans used as Nazi educational propaganda, which was blatant in its extreme prejudice against the Jews, could easily be adapted to the propaganda against the reptilians by simply exchanging the words “Jew” with “reptilian” and “German” with “human”. It is a startling revelation, at least to me.

Yes, I am very guilty of that ugly sentiment of prejudice against the reptilians…I was startled and ashamed to realize that I am not so high minded after all! I consider myself very tolerant towards all other races, ET ones included, yet here is this glaring exception. Well, that and my prejudice against the archangels. Ick…I’m a lot more prejudiced than I realized!!! 😦

The author of the piece above had joined a spiritual group and his very first post was censored because according to the moderator, it was about a man who’s supposedly a reptilian. He was taken aback, because he didn’t think the guy was, and there is no proof he is, and he just felt that

those purporting to follow serious spiritual paths do not usually exhibit this level of prejudice because the spiritual process itself is about inclusion.

That is actually a really good point: aren’t we all part of Source? Even the reptilians. And thinking more on this idea, I’m not certain that the reptilians themselves are the real evil…it is the 4th dimensional lower density entities called the archons who usually like to possess the reptilians. Granted, the reptilians are a war-like race and probably easily possessed, but does that mean they are all evil? Or only the ones that are possessed by the archon energy? And is this just my rationalization and justification????

This prejudice against Reptilians is the same prejudice that has blighted humanity for millennia, except this time its focus is an alien race rather than a human race. The labels are different but the prejudice is equally pernicious.

So why is it despicable to vilify Jews but okay to vilify Reptilians?

He also makes the valid point that the reptilians aren’t even fact, just a purported race, same as the archons. Is this just another case of blaming “other” for our problems?

When we vilify others, from a psychological point of view, we project what we deem as negative qualities on to them. This allows us to feel good about ourselves at the expense of others, so that we (can) see ourselves as the “good guys” and the others as the “bad guys”. And because the “bad guys” have been stripped of any good qualities, we regard them as sub-human which then can be used to justify us abusing them.

Well, that is an icky thought, and I am squirming thinking I am so very in the wrong here. Although he was initially ranting about how Stephen Greer was being labelled a reptilian, it really isn’t just about labelling certain high profile figures as “other”, it is about intolerance of others and the justification of leveling hatred at another. In our civilized world, is there really a place for this kind of hatred and intolerance, regardless of who the other is? We are supposed to be leveling up to a more loving vibration, and everyone is deserving of love and light. Even if the reptilians and archons are lacking in such qualities, adding more hatred to the mix will only strengthen them, not help them transform into better beings. And are we really sure they are not just a shadow projection???

Many years ago when I first read Whitley Strieber’s book on alien abductions, I was terrified because it caused flashbacks to incidents in my past, going back to my childhood. Yes, I have been abducted by them. No, I am no longer being so, I don’t think. But back in the 80s when I first became aware of this subject, I had heard about a reptilian race floating around, but they seemed to be few and far in between. The greys were the dominant menace. I’m not sure when the reptilians suddenly came to the forefront, or why.

Looking back, that may have been an Illuminati disinformation thing…throw people off the scent by making another ET race the scapegoat. And further elucidating on the scapegoat theme…maybe the reptilians are the archons scapegoats? No doubt there are evil reptilians, but seriously…there are many more evil humans. To blame them on archon or reptilian possession seems to miss the point…we do have free will, and can choose to turn away from the Light if we want. And I’m sure there are plenty who do make that sad choice, not necessarily because “something made them”. I do wonder how much projection of our own shadow aspects is a major aspect of this.

I think – no, I know – that I need to do some re-assessing here on my position on reptilians and the archons. I need to come at the issue with a lot more love and light and a lot less hatred and revulsion. I need to do some more work on my shadow self.

But assuming Reptilians to be inter-dimensional shape-shifters is not actually very helpful because it makes us more afraid of them and, in our misunderstanding of dimensional space, we tend to be less aware of the psychological projection. The reality is that psychological projection is enormously amplified in an inter-dimensional context, so that we are brought right back to our own prejudices, fears and shadow self. So once again we cannot escape having to work on ourselves, and just projecting fear and hatred onto them is counterproductive. Love really is the answer, but it must be authentic inclusive love.

Although…I have been coming to this conclusion about using light and love with the archons, reptilians, Illuminati – since not having any other tools to fight the Dark with has left me feeling helpless and hopeless. I did realize that the most potent tool I have is the Light, and I have been throwing Light at them in my attempts to keep them away from me and my pets. I do pray for them, that they will ascend too and become better people. But this article really brought home that I am not doing enough to integrate my shadow self that is so very bothered by the idea of the archons and reptilians. Wait…weren’t they called demons in the past? Or witches even?

Hmmm….is there even really a “bad guy” here???