I just read something disturbing here, about some Canadian financial issues that are blatantly Cabal driven. CMHC is the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, which is the governing body for our housing market. You cannot be approved for a mortgage without CMHC backing. Well, it seems that they are issuing their first “red” warning for the national housing market. Which means that the housing market is about to be in big trouble. The federal Crown corporation’s president and CEO Evan Siddall is quoted in a Globe and Mail column:

“High levels of indebtedness coupled with elevated house prices are often followed by economic contractions,” Siddall said Monday in his article. “The conditions we now observe in Canada concern us.”

But reading further, I am seeing some disturbing double-speak:

New federal changes that went into effect on Monday have been brought in to tighten mortgage rules with the aim of cooling off the country’s overheated housing markets.

Siddall said the new mortgage rules will both reduce the ability of home buyers to borrow and will increase lenders’ funding costs. He added that mortgage rates are expected to rise “modestly in response.” (bolded areas are mine)

Ummm…excuse me, but is he saying that because the housing market has been soft, they are creating new mortgage rules aimed at making it much harder to buy a home???? WTF??? I guess back in July,

CMHC also added Hamilton to Vancouver, Toronto, Saskatoon and Quebec City on its list of markets it considered to be strongly overvalued.

Strongly overvalued? What does this mean exactly??? And who exactly makes the judgement that homes are overvalued or undervalued? I dunno, but this smacks of elitism and I’d like to know who exactly is making these rules to determine whether it’s easy or hard to get a new home? I had sincerely hoped that Canada was a lot more exempt from Illuminati control. bleah Guess we’re too close to US to not be under their radar. I have been praying that maybe Canada will not suffer as much when the financial reset happens, and I am deciding to remain steadfast in my prayers and conviction that we will have an easier time than some, since we are more progressive in many ways, with our universal health care and our equal gender government.

I am really praying we throw in our lot with Putin…I really feel he is the “good guy” on the world stage right now. How very strange…I remember when Russia was the “bad guys” and the US was the “good guys”. Now the situation seems reverse, with Russia trying to stop the war in Syria and aiding in creating the new banking standard. Could it be that my discernment has changed, and that I can see more clearly through the propaganda shit that governments and the MSM (Mainstream Media) put out? It really seems like the US has become the “bad guys” with their huge conglomerates that are out to poison us all and steal all our money? Monsanto is a US monster, most of the Big Pharma are US, the ongoing political policy of invading small countries and starting wars to take them over…all seem like a Superpower gone darkside. I keep getting visions of Rome burning….


Not that I think it’s the general populace so much as their oblivious implicit approval of their government’s policies and their willingness to believe in patriotic propaganda. In a very real way, this travesty of an election is a good thing…it is really driving home how truly corrupt their government is. It is a very interesting exercise watching what is going on with Trump vs Clinton…both are horrible candidates and I soooo wouldn’t want to be an American trying to decide. I would decide to not vote. I think that’s what they all should do. If no one voted, what would happen? I have heard that this will be the last President, and a new government system will be instituted in its stead. I think the female will win, because they just had a black president. Now it’s time for the “other minority” to win (pfffttt…other minority…like women aren’t half of the equation to begin with!!! sorry…misandrist rant there LOL)

Anyway, enough rambling, for now. I just wanted to say that I am concerned that the CMHC are fucking with the housing market and people are going to be having a hard time getting a home now. 😦