Well, I just got some intel that explains to me why I have suddenly had an influx of new guides. According to Cobra – who is a channeled ET, or conglomeration of COmpression BReAkthrough energy (it’s complicated, but he’s of the Resistance who’s fighting to take down the Cabal and the dark forces) – who was asked in this interview:

When people in meditation have a vision or feeling that they are in contact with positive ET, would this be something that can really be happening on their etheric astral or mental bodies?

He answered yes, that these positive ETs can be inside the veil to a certain degree…

especially now since the breakthroughs this summer, this is happening much more. It was happening before to a certain degree but now it’s much easier and it’s much more effective.

Ahhh…that explains why I suddenly have been contacted by Chango and Oya and even Dragonfly and most recently, Kuthumi. I also believe it was during the summer when I made a more definitive contact with my “old Manchurian guy with the universe in his eyes” guide. I gotta come up with a better name for him…either he has to break down and actually talk to me and tell me, or I’ll make one up for him! LOL

Addendum: He came to me in my daily MOTN meditation and told me his name was CO-mander Gogli...see my post here.

I guess there has been a veil keeping the planet in quarantine, and it has been hard for positive ETs and other divine beings from coming through. The Light Forces have been working to break it down, and I guess we’re succeeding…which makes me wonder who are people channeling? If the veil is only thinning now, what are the beings being channeled in so many of these New Age sites??? I guess that now makes Bashar and Lee Harris’ Zs suspect now. sigh. I know I have complained of this before…that my discernment always seems to start screaming at certain parts of any channeled message I’ve read. Although I believe in some of them, like Bashar and Lee Harris, I’ve also found kernels of Truth in other channels for archangels that I don’t believe in.

I guess ultimately we have to look inside and trust our intuition on what is Truth and who is to believed. Or rather…what messages resonate as Truth and can be reliably integrated into our belief structure. Or maybe…we should just keep an open mind and be open to adjustments to our beliefs and moral bases. For I have now realized I need to rethink my position on the reptilians and the archangels, incorporating the concept of universal love to my heretofore strident judgement of such beings. I guess ultimately we have to quiet that “monkey mind” that gets caught up in the drama and just breathe into Love and Light. Hmm…I think the geomagnetic storms bombarding the planet are blissing me out here. LOL

And an aside I found in this interview: a brief statement that is very heartening for me as a starseed:

Is there a plan for the star seeds, after the Event, to reintegrate the galactic confederation faster than the general population since they were part of it before ?

Cobra : Yes of course.

Well, I certainly hope so! And I would agree…I am certain it will be easier for me to integrate into a cosmic worldview than it seems to be for my sister, who just can’t seem to imagine a world where interactions with ETs is commonplace. I cannot wait! It feels like forever since this was the case…sigh

Interestingly, he also claims, when asked if there any non star seed human that is awakened at this point that

Not in the same way, not to the same degree, but there is a certain amount of native Earth population that is quite aware of what is going on, in their own way.

Hmmm….again, this probably explains a lot why so many people are not really receptive to the ideas I present to them. I mean my sister knows a lot of this stuff, but she lacks a certainty in knowing that these things are Truth, or will really happen. I’m not sure she can even feel the imminent changes that I feel so strongly. As a matter of fact, just today she asked me if she could laugh when I am proven wrong. sigh This starseed is sooo ready for this! I just want it over with already! I came in believing it would happen in 2000, and then it was supposed to be 2012…now it’s supposed to be 2018…WTF???? I did not expect it to be this arduous…I feel like it was misrepresented to me when I agreed to help out! bleah

But I want the horridness to be over with for all of us…for all of us to ascend to a much better, brighter world that is all of our birthright! I know it’s coming…soon. 🙂 And at least my guides are supportive…thank you so much! I am so thankful for these new guides…and honored that they are willing to help me. 🙂 Despite my bitching. LOL