I’ve been asking for more information of what ascension will be like, and damn, I can’t remember my dreams. Or rather…they are so weird that I am losing them as I am waking up. In a comforting sort of way though, there were the two cute kittens that I feed at night in this morning’s dream. I wish I could keep them, but I already have 3, and I am moving into a small apartment. I can’t take only one, because they are brothers and very close. I know the other left behind would be devastated. bleah I have been praying that the woman who moves in here will be kind and compassionate and maybe take them in, or at least continue to feed them.

But I think their significance in my dream was to reassure me that the animals will still be here after the solar flash/galactic wave hits. I have been worried about what will happen to my poor furbabies. Strange how the thought of a solar blast frying me doesn’t bother me as much as the thought of it doing that to my kitties. LOL And I have worried whether they will still exist at the 5D level.

Now my MOTN meditation this morning was kinda freaky…I fell into a strange experiential state…I was perceiving the room and myself in this strange altered state that I can’t even really describe. Not at all like other altered states I’ve been in…this one was like a waking state in another reality or dimension or something. I also had this far more encompassing awareness of everything, of the greater Truth or whatever. Damn, the experience is fleeing my conscious awareness the more I am trying to write it down. 😦

I also had a similar experience the night before, where I was clearly feeling the way things would be once ascension and 5D hit us. I was suddenly aware of what was really going on, on the Truth is the only way I can say it. So hard to describe…isn’t that just the way it is! I guess it’s not part of our conscious mind’s awareness, and can’t be described in a physical way. Like the Other Side.

The Other Side. I’ve been wondering how the Other Side differs from where we will exist in 5D. That is because I am assuming that 5D is the same as the Etheric level, and I have always experienced the Other Side as being on the Etheric plane and beyond. I know I have seen grass and trees and rivers and temple buildings there, and I think it was Sylvia Browne who claims that many people, when they die, choose to live much like they did on Earth and live in houses and go to church and stuff. Is that what is going to happen on Earth too?

Is the Other Side a specific place, or is it a level of consciousness? When we die, we go to the Other Side (if you’re not confused and decide to become a ghost on the astral plane), which I know to be the etheric plane. I know the Temples lead to other areas and other levels and other planes of existence. They are portals. We have portals on Earth too. When the solar blast hits us and our physical forms die, we should go to the etheric plane. Is that all ascension really is? I was under the impression that we would now exist in a new dimension, but still on Earth, who herself is moving into that dimension.

I have been reading that we are all trapped in a reincarnational trap that is part of the Matrix of holographic reality that the negative entities has imposed on this planet. There is like a bubble that prevents our souls from leaving the Matrix, and our souls are recycled by the Soul Catcher on the moon. Does this make Heaven an illusion too? Is the Other Side I’ve been experiencing part of that Matrix, making me believe that something better and more beautiful and loving exists beyond this horrible little life? Or is the life we experience after physical death actually not all that different from this reality, in that we can go to other planets and experience life there too?

Yes…I do believe this, and have for quite a while. Why am I now looking at this knowledge with different eyes, different awareness? Ahhh…there’s the eyes thing from yesterday’s post. Hmmm…guess my third eye is getting a tune up! I am “seeing” Truths I am already aware of in a totally different light now…although I cannot seem to properly express the difference, and how I am now experiencing those Truths and awareness. There is something of a disconnect going on in my awareness here…hmmm…is this part of ascension? Am I suddenly going through ascension here?

The night before, after watching David Wilcock’s video and his mention of the Blue Sphere’s holding back that solar event, I felt very angry at their arrogance at preventing me from ascending. Who gave them permission to do this? I feel this is negating our free will and the natural order of things. And I basically did a declaration that they did not have my permission to interfere, and I was revoking any contract I may have made before. I don’t know, but I’m thinking that is something we all need to do…assert our free will and demand that ascension be allowed to happen. Assert that we are ready. I am thinking that is what they are waiting for. I wonder if ascension may also happen on an individual basis, not just on a global level. That some of us might go through it before the bulk of humanity does. Hmmm…

I have also been wondering about something I noted in David Wilcock’s video (and I don’t know if it’s in all his videos and posts): that he only talks about moving into the 4th dimension. That we actually moved into the 4th dimension back in 2012, but the Cabal’s Matrix is shielding us from this knowledge and we are actually in the 4th dimension now. That would explain how ascension is to the 5th dimension…I have been wondering why we were bypassing the 4th dimension. Most intel seems to make it sound like we’re going straight from 3D to 5D. It makes sense that we have already passed into 4D, and gives a whole new meaning to the Mayan calendar end date.

But this doesn’t feel like the astral plane…so maybe the 4th dimension isn’t the same as the astral plane. Or my understanding of the astral plane is wrong. I know it is the level where ghosts exist – souls without a physical body who haven’t moved on to the higher levels and left Earth behind. According to David, the Law of One material states that all souls, whether incarnated or not, will be ascending. He actually said “all those on the ghost plane” would ascend too. Could he have meant the trapped souls who are in the reincarnation Matrix? I am thinking he is…and becoming more convinced that the Other Side I have been seeing is just part of the same Matrix illusion they have created for us. Well, I’m kinda bummed…I guess I had always hoped that death brought more than a shedding of the physical form. I dunno…a merging with Source energy and and an end to the ego? mind? conscious awareness?

Although it excites me to think that once we ascend we can now take our place with our galactic brothers and sisters, and working with the ETs and other divine beings seems more worthwhile than what I am doing now, I still feel like there needs to be an end of doing and being. A place to rest and recharge I guess. I dunno…it feels weird to think that we will be ascending to the Other Side essentially. I don’t know if that sounds right or not. Hmmm…wonder what others are saying about this. I guess I know what I will be meditating on tonight’s MOTN meditation.