In yesterday’s post, I referenced one of my guides as “old Manchurian guy with the universe in his eyes”. I half-joked that I needed to come up with a better name for him, or else he needed to finally speak to me. Well, last night’s MOTN meditation got me my answer.

Actually, he was quite talkative…he not only told me his name, but corrected his title and even told me what he was doing here! He said his name was Gogli (and spelled it for me), and when I addressed him as Ladoso Gogli (males are addressed as Ladoso and females as Ladosa…I am Ladosa Jenavi), he shook his head at me. He said he was CO-mander Gogli, and he was the commander of the spaceship we came to this planet on. Not only that, but he is also the commander of the spaceship that our planet sent to this solar system…it seems he has come for me! When this solar flash hits, he will be waiting for me (and some others of our race). Strangely, this makes me want to cry, and it is very heartwarming to think that they are out there waiting for me and helping me. I guess he is in orbit around Saturn.

Now, I’ve been reading that there are thousands of spaceships not only in our atmosphere, but also spread out in the solar system, all watching and waiting to be of service when ascension finally happens. Wonder if they’re as impatient as I am! That must be horribly arduous…to be stuck on a spaceship in a far-away galaxy, just waiting…what, years???? I am actually hoping this means that the solar flash is going to be happening soon, for I cannot believe they have been there for any real length of time.

I believe they are waiting for The Event…the full disclosure of everything that has been kept from us by the Cabal. Not just about ETs, but about the shadow government, the Illuminati, technologies that could really help us, knowledge about our solar system, etc. The human race will need much help with this process of re-learning everything they thought they knew. It is very encouraging to think there are many benevolent ETs out there waiting to help. We just have to ask. 🙂

Something else he told me about himself…he said he was of the green ray. I am of the pink ray, and I had wondered what ray he was. This is significant on our planet, and to our people. We resonate to the colors we are a part of. I wondered if the significance had anything to do with the fact that Gaia is supposed to be ascending from, what I read somewhere (I think David Wilcock mentioned from the Law of One), the True Color of Yellow to the True Color of Green. Which means to me that She is moving from the Yellow Ray to the Green Ray. Gogli said that was why he was chosen to lead the team from our planet here…he is already resonating with the new ray coming in. It will be easier for him to be here as a result. An interesting idea to be sure…another way to look at the ascension process.