It was in an Ancient Aliens episode that I first became aware of a link between the ETs and the Sasquatch. I remember the episode that I watched showed an incident with some kids that included a sighting of a UFO, then a frightening encounter with a Sasquatch. It certainly seemed to suggest that the UFO brought the Sasquatch for this encounter. Or rather, the Sasquatch was doing something for the ETs and happened on the kids by accident. Still…it terrorized the young people, which makes me think it’s not a benevolent ET.

Which seems at odds with this post that claims

The Sasquatch people are a high vibrational level of human that have the ability to appear into a third dimensional body as well as disappearing into the next vibration out of our sight. Sasquatch are actually benevolent beings that have a message for humanity in order to help us move into another consciousness at this time.

This is based on the writings of Kewaunee Lapseritis, who is in contact with the Sasquatch and gets messages from a being called Kamooh. I dunno what to think, but my discernment meter is going off. Although the video of Kewaunee speaking is very coherent, and he doesn’t come across as a kook, I am still puzzled by what he is encountering, and highly doubt it is a Sasquatch.

The most prevalent Sasquatch are many feet taller than us (some as tall as 19 feet) and are like big hairy giants. Some have conical heads and have a slight hump on their back, and they look like they do not have a neck. They are highly evolved humanoids that are more advanced than we are. However, there are actually several different races of Sasquatch on the planet.

I dunno…I’m thinking the idea that they are some sort of drone for a race of ETs is more likely. What does that say about my discernment meter???? LOL Ah dear…the strange places I am finding myself delving into. What’s up with this???? Actually, I did ask this last night during my MOTN meditation, and what I got is that I’ve been asking for Full Disclosure, and that is what the Universe is sending me. Okay…I guess I better be clearer…I’m actually meaning on a global scale. Yes, I have been very angry about Disclosure being kept back from us, but damn…what am I to do with all this diverse information??? I suppose that is the point they are trying to make. sigh. Still…I want to know the Truth, and I think the rest of humanity is owed it too. And it is all very fascinating! LOL

So I will read up a bit more on this idea – and find that according to Kewaunee

The Sasquatch are very tuned in to what is happening on the Earth at this time. They tell us that the planet is dying because of the way that we have treated it with our waste and extractions. They have a similar message to Kewaunee that my sister gets often from her angels. “Just know that we are watching over you and protecting you, and we love you very much”.

Okay, nothing creepy there. bleah. But the fact that it is mentioned that the message is similar to the angel messages makes my discernment meter go off…hmmm…more disinformation from a member of the False Light? I think something is pulling poor Kewaunee’s leg. IMO For all the encounters I have ever heard of between humans and Sasquatch are not benevolent and higher minded. Ummm excuse me, but why would a “highly evolved humanoid” be living in the forest, shaking the undergrowth and growling and/or uttering high pitched screams???

Not that I don’t believe they exist…I do. I think they are some kind of cryptid that may be a genetic cousin of ours or something. A missing link between us and the apes. Not really sure, but the link to the UFOs is interesting. The Ancient Aliens episode asks if there is a connection between Sasquatch and the ancient aliens…well, of course. I totally believe that ETs created us, and I’m certain that the Sasquatch was yet another experiment.

Ancient Aliens makes an interesting link between the Sasquatch and the Nephilim, and even points out that Enkidu of Gilgamesh fame was a giant wildman. Looking up the Gilgamesh link, I read that Enkidu was punished and killed by Enlil (an Annunaki god) for killing Humbaba, chopping down the cedar, and killing the Bull of Heaven. So the sasquatch go back as far as Sumerian times. And dealt with Sumerian gods, who as we all know, were ETs. It is said that the Enkidu were created by the Annunaki, who wanted a perfect worker for mining their gold mines, and wanted something less advanced than humans. Could they still be working for the ETs though?

There is the idea that David’s Goliath was a wildman and a Sasquatch, and Leif Erikson back in 10 AD encountered dark hairy wild men with dark eyes and a distinctive smell in the New World. Then there’s the idea that Gigantopithecus was an early ape-like hominid who evolved into the Sasquatch. Extraterrestrials may have captured some of these creatures and fiddled with their DNA to create us. Could it be that we are the ET hybrid? And the reason that the Sasquatch hide from us is because they had escaped the ET genetic experiment and are afraid of us?

This seems plausible to me…that they were the original hominid on the planet and we are the ET created hybrid. But that they are a highly evolved race seems unlikely to me, and I seriously doubt that they are in contact with, and being channeled by, people. Sorry Kewaunee.