WTF?!?!? I was reading something very disturbing yesterday that I was thinking on in last night’s MOTN meditation. It is this idea of a galactic octopus that has ensnared our solar system for nefarious reason. WTF?!?!? My rational mind says my bullshit meter should be going wild, but I am disturbed to find it isn’t. WTH? Just to test to see if it is perhaps broken, I went to this site and tried to read Continued Sasquatch Messages to Humanity from Kamooh…nope, my bullshit meter is fine. LOL I just don’t know what it is some people are channeling. Really now. sigh Reading the original post The Sasquatch Have a Message for Humanity throws in some other stuff I know about them, but I’ll visit that in another post.

Getting back to the Galactic octopus…I was disturbed to read about it in Cobra’s post here:

The good news is that the “final leg of the Galactic conflict in the Solar System is playing out and that the plasma body of the octopus entity known as Yaldabaoth is being dissolved slowly.”

Say what??? I had read something else about an octopus entity somewhere along the way, and just dismissed it. But the way this pronouncement was so casually stated took me aback. I haven’t read a lot of Cobra’s stuff, but now I find myself curious about this octopus thingie. Why, I am not certain.

However, I am reminded of a yucky experience/vision I had maybe a year ago, where I was working with clearing my root chakra and found, much to my disgust, that there were black tentacles coming out of it! I worked at burning them out of there, but it was a disturbing image. Then that morning, when I was making pancakes for breakfast, a strange thing happened. The batter kept oozing out as it was cooking, looking like tendrils. I tried 3 pancakes, and they all did this. I have not been able to duplicate this feat again, so I don’t know what the hell was going on. I knew it was related to that morning’s meditation and the clearing out of my root chakra though. Very freaky stuff. 😦

Now I have noticed tentacles in my root chakra a few other times, and I use the magma chamber meditation to burn them up and clear my root chakra. Maybe that is why I am disturbed by this idea of an octopus entity named Yaldabaoth. Looking it up on Google, there is a lot of disturbing ideas about this Yaldabaoth. Maybe I don’t want to look into this too much. I am reminded that you can tell where something is coming from based on how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel good, it is coming from the Light, if it makes you feel bad, then it is of the Dark. This makes me feel bad, but…realistically, all bad things make you feel bad. Sticking your head in the sand doesn’t change the facts. Or is this real after all? Hmmm…

According to this site, he is the Lord of the Archons. Hmmm…those nasty archons I have mentioned before. I was also on this site, Gnostic Art, and found this: that this octopus thingie created the archons. Warning: this site has a bunch of disturbing images. WTF?!?!


But going back to the post Say Hello to Yaldabaoth, they claim:

In the Gnostic Gospels of Nag Hammadi, written in the 1st Century, the writers warn us about the god of the Bible. Known as the “Demiurge” or “Yaldabaoth“, he is described as an insane, demented imposter deity who works against humanity.

He is,

“a self-deified inorganic phantom, deluded about his own identity.”

The word “Demiurge” literally means “half-working” or “half-powered” – so called because he can originate nothing, but must imitate what already exists.

The leader of the extraterrestrial Archon race, he is also ,

  • Saklas (“fool”)
  • Samael (“blind”)
  • Yaldabaoth to the Gnostics

This is the biblical father god of the Old Testament, Yahweh or Jehovah – the god still worshiped by millions of Jews, Christians and Muslims today!

Wow…okay. Hmmmm…my discernment meter is still not going off. This is making some sense to me. This explains why the God of the Bible is such a punitive God. Very early on in my Roman Catholic upbringing, I wondered why God was so interested in our sins, why the religion focused on repenting our sins or bad things would happen. And why the “sins” seemed kinda arbitrary to me. Yeah, I was thinking on these things back when I was wondering why I had to go to Confession. Confession always seemed stupid to me, and I stopped going after only 3 times. I also remember reading about Carl Jung’s own musings on this in his autobiography Memories, Dreams, Reflections. He always struck me as a really smart guy.

Is there a deeper reason why I have rejected my religion…all religion really? Do I believe in a God? Yes, and no. I have had a different perception of him/it for a number of years now. It is the Light, or the Universe. I watched a fascinating documentary in University back in the 80s – in my Space Science class, we learned that there was a new wavelength of light they had discovered that was everywhere in the Universe. They tried to find it’s source, but couldn’t. It wasn’t stronger or brighter anywhere else…it was just everywhere. I remember thinking at the time…what idiots! They found God and don’t even realize it! LOL This is the God I believe in…not a person, not even a thing…it is ALL-THAT-IS.

But the Bible talks about people talking to God…what are they talking to? You can’t talk to the GOD that I know, so if they’re talking to someone, then it’s obviously an ET or something. I won’t consider this octopus thingie in the same breath as God though…but if it’s the archons’ deity or something, then wow, we have even bigger problems than just dealing with the ichyons and the reptilians!!!

That being said though…what I have read in the New Age stuff about this octopus thingie, and I believe it is possibly all Cobra intel, is that this entity is being taken care of by the benevolent ETs who are helping us along the ascension path. And it’s not just us humans who are affected by it, it’s Gaia and the entire solar system that is affected. Which makes sense to me…if the Sun shoots off a massive CME or Solar Flash, it’s going to hit the other planets too….to what end? Maybe they need to be emancipated too.

But I wonder what effect this solar flash will have on non-corporeal entities? Maybe that’s part of the reason there are so many spaceships in our solar system right now…maybe they’re waiting for a blissful experience too. Massive Galactic High LOL Yup, I keep coming back to that ekpyrosis idea…could it be that the Solar Flash will also fry this octopus thingie? It seems plausible to me. So in the end, discovering about this octopus thingie isn’t so much a bad thing as another piece to the puzzle of why things are as they are. A piece of the Bible puzzle.

I wish the damn tentacles would stay out of my root chakra though! bleah

Addendum: This morning's MOTN got me to thinking on the power of I am going back and changing Yaldabaoth's name to octopus thingie to lessen its power. Not only does Yaldobaoth sound like a demon's name to me, I think giving it such a name imbues it with more power and reality.