Just read a very interesting post entitled It’s Time to Wake Up Starseeds, which prefaces its message with the caveat:

But before we go any further I want to share with you that you need to remain open to the possibility, that none of this exists. We have powerful brains, and our mind can create what we desire. If you think that you are here on a special mission to save humanity, you will create that life for yourself. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to help people, I have met a few who have become totally obsessed that they let all areas in their life fail. I just ask that you remain open to the possibility that all of this is B.S.

Well, I had to laugh out loud at this…it’s really right where I am at these days. Like yesterday’s post where I was talking about that octopus archon thingie and wondering if my BS meter was faulty because I found it disturbing rather than ridiculous.

Let us look at this idea of discernment more closely…I am looking at it more closely, because I seem to be inundated with so much information that FEELS valid to me, yet to others it sounds hokey. They don’t believe as I do, and they think I am weird. My sister asked me if I wasn’t just inventing this idea of ascension because I am so dissatisfied with my life and want to leave. My response is that there are an awful lot of people with the same imagination as me then! An awful lot of people projecting their own dissatisfaction into a “fantasy notion”.

But there’s a strange uniformity to this “fantasy notion”. My sister says she doesn’t see it, but then, she’s not reading the same stuff I am. She says you can’t believe everything on the internet, and she’s right. You can’t believe TV, MSM, books, our gov’t, the scientists, the military, NASA or any other kind of “agency” either. I think she is the one projecting her lack of trust in established modes of information unto an untethered medium like the internet. Yes, I am sure there are all kinds of disinformation being put out under the guise of New Age wisdom…but this is where our own personal discernment systems have to kick in. You have to trust your own gut instincts, your intuition.

Like yesterday’s post…I rejected the claim of one man who insists he is in contact with “highly evolved beings” called the Sasquatch. Not that I don’t believe that they can exist…I just don’t believe they are contacting this guy with messages for humanity. Then I got to thinking…does the very fact that I believe they exist mean my discernment is off to others??? I am certain that there would be plenty of people who would roll their eyes at my analysis of Sasquatch as an actual species on this planet and write me off as a kook in my own right. sigh. That the fact that I dissed one man who claimed contact with them doesn’t make me any less crazy than he is.

What to do about this whole discernment issue? I am feeling like I don’t know anything anymore, and am starting to wonder about why I am reading the sorts of posts I am finding. Am I being led to these posts because I have been demanding Full Disclosure, or am I only paying attention to those things that resonate with what I want/need to believe? I am inclined to believe the first, but my Psych background wants to warn me of the danger of the second possibility. Or…is it just a ploy by the Dark forces to make me doubt myself and my awakening????

I think it’s just as valid to think that the Dark forces out there, who are trying to keep us all enslaved and asleep, would be getting desperate enough to try to discourage those of us who are awake to start doubting our own awakening and Truth. I tune into my Spirit Guides, and I feel certain that most of my knowledge base is Truth, or at least as far as my soul goes. Since my awareness keeps expanding (see my post on Prejudice and the Reptilians), I have to believe that this is Truth, or I would be devolving or stagnating…right?

In this article on The Three Levels of Learning Discernment, Michelle Walling, a favorite author over at In5D, explains the levels of discernment and how they relate to herself personally. The three levels are:

  • beginning discernment, where you question everything
  • gradual discernment, where you move out of the mental mind and logical thinking
  • advanced discernment, where you embrace your Higher Self and seek the answers within.

Hmmm…that doesn’t sound woo-hooey at all. sigh. However, she does make some valid points regarding consciousness and how we perceive the world…because isn’t perception everything? We never really meet another person, only our perception of them. The same holds for experiences…I am being constantly amazed at how my family is perceiving things very differently than I am. How maybe only a couple of us know something, and the others think it’s bunk. Or how my mother perceives a Truth as something different than I do. Although our Truths once aligned, I am finding a bigger and bigger difference in our perceptions based on our differing research. Who is more right? And does it even matter? sigh

My mother’s a big believer in Edgar Cayce and his writings…I am too. But he lived and died in the early part of the twentieth century. I do believe that David Wilcock is the reincarnation of Cayce, and I believe that what David is now saying is more important than what he said as Cayce because it is more relevant to where we are now. My mother isn’t convinced, although I did get her to read his Ascension Mysteries and Synchronicity Key books. I have not had a chance to discuss them with her though. I think she didn’t understand some of the scientific stuff to be honest. It’s encouraging that my sisters are now reading his books though. Maybe I soon will be able to discuss things more on par with where I find myself now.

We are a part of Source and you would think it would be easy to get all of the answers, right? We have to get around an illusory veil that is experienced in this particular version of this human body in order to access this information. Dissolving the veil by going within and connecting with your own truth is the best way I know to be able to discern.

This still sounds kinda circular to me…but it is what I believe too.

We exist multi-dimensionally and are having many different experiences at the same time on the other side of this veil. Because we are always learning, expanding, and healing, there are various levels of understanding that must be experienced in order to grow. We have to trust our guidance and know that we may have needed a certain experience in order to heal a past life or to finalize some thread of our existence.

I have understood that the truth can change as our awareness changes…I don’t think that it changes so much as our ability to perceive it changes. What feels right at one time changes with new experiences and perceptions. I think that anything that allows us to grow and expand our awareness is most likely Truth. My Truth does not include higher consciousness channeling of Sasquatch. Maybe the guy really is doing so…but…does it even matter to me and my life? I think this is part of discernment too. Filtering out the irrelevant. Not accepting something as pertinent to my reality. If I am a Master Manifestor, then I can make my reality be anything I want. Right? It doesn’t have to include Sasquatch. LOL