Along with the post Prejudice and the Reptilians comes the corollary next step…to forgive the members of the Cabal/Illuminati. As David Wilcock so succinctly points out here:

If you can look at this soberly, and not demonize the people trapped in this group, you are bravely following the teachings of Jesus and other great masters. Forgiveness and understanding is the way through this — not replaying the same old cycles of labeling others as sub-human monsters worthy only of death. Once we understand that this group is very real, and that most of its members feel trapped and fear for their lives, the story becomes very different.

He has a very good point…the Illuminati are the human component to the archons and the reptilians, and they are no doubt victimized too. Of course they have to be very negative sorts to do such things to their fellow man, but what lies were they fed, and what steps were taken to ensure their compliance? Maybe only the very top of the great families are at fault, but perhaps they were coerced to cooperate too…it certainly seems that coercion is a huge part of the Illuminati schema, but why? If they were given the chance to come clean, would they actually be relieved? They may be the top of the human heap, but they have masters too.

I have to agree with David that the answer is not in vilifying these people, but to rise above their level of awareness and show them the mercy they have denied us. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it is the only logical thing to do. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

That being said…they do need to pay for their atrocities committed against humanity, but I doubt that humanity will feel particularly forgiving when the shit hits the fan. I have heard that they will be taken off-world, or hidden away and judged by a more non-partisan ET group.

Can I find it in my heart to forgive them…yes, I think I can. Seeing them as victims too helps. And I can’t help but think that when Ascension happens, it will happen to them as well. And whatever karma that plays out then is on them. It is not for me to judge. I find that yes, I  can be angry about what they are doing and have done to us for (millennia?)…for a very long time, but I find it is easier to throw Light and Love at them to help transform them than to throw my ire at them. Much easier on the soul!!!

It must be the ascension energies making me more mellow these days. LOL