Now the official story seems to be that the European Schiaparelli lander, that went mysteriously silent less than a minute before its planned landing, was destroyed on impact. NASA confirms there is a black spot where it should have landed. Yup, NASA (that bastion of disinformation) is certain that it crashed because it was traveling too fast. So of course, we won’t be getting any data from it. Pfftttt.

Do I believe NASA’s scientists’ take on this? Not at all, just like a good little conspiracy theorist. LOL But think on it…as David Wilcock and Corey Goode have been saying, there are ETs on Mars, among other things. And I’ve been watching videos of weird things being seen on Mars by amateur astronomers (and even NASA footage before it’s blacked out) and you can find footage of the Mars bunny (here), Mars bugs (here), a lady (here), a duck and lizard (here), as well as snakes and other things (see this video here). What this all points to is the fact that there are strange, anomalous things moving around on the surface. Who knows what’s going on underground! Of course NASA wants more data!

There are good reasons why they are sending probes to Mars, and thinking on it last night, I am convinced that they don’t want us to know what this probe may find. Having it self-destruct on landing is way too convenient, if you ask me. Now they don’t even have to bother coming up with cover stories of what they find. Because a destroyed probe can’t possibly relay any information back to Earth. Why do I have a gut feeling we will learn at some later point in time, that the Schiaparelli lander wasn’t destroyed after all, and that when Full Disclosure happens, we will learn about all kinds of life on Mars?

Personally, I do not believe that this probe was destroyed as NASA asserts. It’s a cover story so they don’t have to report what they find. sigh I’m also wondering if it’s not a slight against the Europeans…that they can’t create space vehicles better than NASA. Because the probe in the picture above does not look highly likely to blow up. I don’t see large rocket fuel engines and such…it looks lightweight and full of sensors more than anything likely to blow up in a fireball. IMHO Ummm…why would it even have rocket fuel on it? I didn’t think it was supposed to be coming back? Hmmmm….