The Love In Action Now blog explains it well:

The National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NESARA) is a global prosperity program on the cusp of being announced and activated.

This program is backed by deliverable precious metals well upwards of one quattuordecillion US dollars (40 zeros).

This money will be used to buy all corporations and banking cartels.

NESARA will also zero out (permanently cancel) all personal, corporate and national debts worldwide.

NESARA monies were originally scheduled for release in the year 2000, but the Bush White House and its banking conspirators prevented the disbursement through a corporate pan-global control of all mainstream media outlets, and nearly all knowledge of NESARA’s existence was suppressed.

Wow…10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars…is this even possible???? I never once thought there wasn’t abundance for all in this world. It’s nice to know that there is a program out there that not only recognizes this, but also has a plan for instituting the distribution of wealth and abundance equitably to all people in the world.

The entire 8 billion human population will benefit from NESARA. And the Earth will finally be free to experience itself as the abundant planet it was created to be.

Few understand there is more than enough gold to back all human currency in circulation. This means each and every human being could become an instant multi-millionaire without debt of any kind–if just given the resources.

NESARA is about sharing the stored gold resources of humanity for humanity with humanity by humanity around the planet and fairly.

NESARA is about putting benevolent banking systems and operators in place worldwide to deliver said monetary equality–consistently.

No individual anywhere on Earth will be beyond the reach of the NESARA’s wealth redistribution program. And no individual or organization anywhere on Earth will be able to stop NESARA once it begins either.

Well, I want to believe that last sentence. We have to get rid of the Cabal/Illuminati first. Obviously they have already stopped it from happening. But this helps affirm my belief that when Disclosure happens and the Cabal are disbanded and jailed, that we will all have abundance and prosperity as we should. I do not believe there is a lack of anything in the world…that Source has provided us with everything we need and want. It has been this horribly negative Matrix that’s been strangling our world for millennia and has prevented us all from benefitting from said abundance. It is encouraging to know there is a program already in place that will see that we all regain our rightful prosperity once again. We just have to stop the Cabal and get it enacted.

Wow…the rest of that post above is so wonderfully optimistic…what a glorious vision of how life can and soon will be. Oh please God…let it happen soon! I definitely needed to read this visionary piece, to help me visualize the New Earth and how our world will become. This is what ascension is about on a physical level. How exciting! I love this idea of NESARA.

There was a disturbing point made about 9-11 in the post…that it was the real reason for the destruction of the twin towers. I have known for a while now that the stated reasons for the attack were false and it was an inside job, but this makes the reason for the inside job even more salient…

NESARA was to be publicly announced on Sept. 11, 2001 at 10:00am, but the cabal decided to blow up the World Trade Center buildings at 8:00am in order to prevent that historic moment from happening.

So sad…but it explains a lot really. Because it was the World Trade Center buildings that were hit…it was obvious it wasn’t a strike against America itself. It was an international strike that just happened to be on American soil. To think we could have had a financial collapse and reset by now…sigh