Well, happy birthday to me…what a crummy day it’s turning out to be. bah humbug. The Uhaul truck fell through and although the people who are helping me to move were kind enough to get a friend’s truck for me, it’s probably going to cost me almost $200 to move. Fuck! I needed to get the cats some Frontline flea meds. I needed to eat next month. No birthday cards or birthday presents, but that’s par for the course. sigh. Discovered that the one cat is full of flea dirt, so I gave her a bath…that’s always fun! Now they’re all hiding on me. bleah I did get 48 birthday wishes from FB friends though…good to know some people love me. sigh

Oh…thought I’d mention that I had a weird experience upon awakening this morning…I opened my eyes to see this dark shadow wing by my head! Then I “saw” it pass in front of me, but it was in a blink of an eye. I did the shielding thing, and threw white light at it…WTF? It was a dark shadow, so I doubt it was my angel or guides wishing me a happy birthday. Damn…I’ve not been shielding as much lately in the spirit of releasing and not affirming fear. Well now, that’s looking like a bad idea since the day hasn’t been going well for me. Despite seeing several white feathers when I went to see my sister (which means angels are with you), I still feel like crying. sigh