It was a quiet day, anxiety-wise, I am very pleased to report. I’m not going to say yet again that I didn’t sleep well, since I’m starting to think I’m reinforcing that idea by bitching about it. bleah. But I got up rather early, and the sun was shining for a change. It’s been dark and gloomy a lot, with some rain, which we needed badly. It’s definitely feeling like fall these days…and the trees are finally starting to change color. Still a lot of green leaves out there, but the trees are still in full leaf. But if this cooler weather and windy rain keeps up, that won’t last long. I’m not bitching about this though…I am not a fall/winter person at all! I am enjoying the green trees and all the flowers that are still blooming. Some parts of northern Ontario have had snow, but we still have moderate temps here. Actually, we’re supposed to get some warmer weather on both Saturday and Tuesday…both days I intend to move on. Hope it doesn’t get too warm though.

Had to walk to the landlord’s office to sign the lease and pick up the keys, which was about a half hour walk. I’m no longer used to such walks, and my feet are now sore. Bad headache too. Yup…bitch, bitch, bitch. At least I’m not freaking. LOL Even when I went by the new apartment and discovered that the back door, which is the easy way into the section where I am, is now blocked off and under construction. Of-fucking-course. sigh. Now we will have to park around the front, go through 3 doors (1 which is security locked) and around a corner to get the boxes and furniture in. sigh. Nothing about this move is going easy for me. It is working out, but it’s going to cost me a lot more than I had anticipated, and it’s looking like it’s going to be more work too.

It also doesn’t help that I brought my measuring tape with me to get dimensions so I could figure out where to put stuff. I’ve discovered that the bathroom and bedroom are much smaller than I thought, and there are funny 2 inch bump outs on 2 sides of the walls, making the inner dimensions even smaller. bleah. Is it really too much to ask for a decent apartment???? I am afraid that my pessimism is in full force, just not the anxiety.

Oh…and on Saturday when we are to start moving boxes, my sister’s daughter has to take her dog to the vet’s at 10 am, so we will not be able to start until lunchtime or so.  Then of course, the Monday move didn’t happen because her daughter had an appointment at 1 pm in the city. Then again on Tuesday, the big move day, my sister has a dentist appointment at 1:30 pm. WTF???? Again…why can’t this all go easier, since it was obviously the Universe’s idea to make me move. It will be for the best, right??? Deep breath…keep the faith, keep the faith! Saw several white feathers yesterday, and a large grey one today…yup, confirmations. Still need to talk to my Higher Self about these “echos” though…sigh