It’s raining…of fucking course. My sister and I did a pretty good inroad on the boxes yesterday, getting about half of them over to my new apartment though. We were to do the other half today. Of course it started raining overnight, and is still raining quite hard. Lots of water everywhere. The significance of too much water? I am moving into a basement apartment, and we had decided to bring all the boxes to the window, open the window, and pass the boxes through it. It worked wonderfully well! Now what will we do with all this water everywhere? There are some large sheets of plywood that were strewn around on the lawn (from the construction of the front portico). I suppose we could use one of them, provided it isn’t flooded in front of the window. Saying big prayers here!!!

It is supposed to stop around 1 pm, leaving us some time until it gets dark around 6 pm. I am too tired to stress though…I have decided we still have all day Tuesday to move boxes too. I have 2 men with a truck coming to help with the furniture, so who knows…maybe they will kindly help move boxes too without wanting more money. I am keeping the faith here! Saying big prayers here.

Wonder if HAARP is fucking with me? LOL At least I slept pretty good last night, and am only a little stiff this morning. Can’t believe I slept until 9:30 am!!! Man, I needed that! So thank you Team Light (what I’ve decided to call my group of spiritual helpers). Saw that term “Team Light” and “Team Dark” somewhere, and I’ve decided I like the terminology…especially the Team Light one. It’s a lot more concise than saying guardian angel/spirit guides/Higher Self! LOL Sometimes it’s hard to know who did the helping, and that way I’ve got everyone covered. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tried to access my Higher Self during this morning’s MOTN meditation…I know I did, but I fell back asleep almost immediately. Hope our talk was fruitful. I guess since I’m not freaking out so much about the damn rain is a sign that we worked things out. Yes, I know that it will all work out…eventually. Universal Time, not my time. ๐Ÿ™‚