I know I’ve written on this before, but it’s still ongoing, what with the hassles of this move, I am beyond exhausted…emotionally as well as physically right now. Lack of sleep and anxiety has done a double-whammy on me…I sincerely hope this new place will be restful for me. Hopefully the energies will be much more positive and I will start sleeping better. I can only pray to my Team Light!

I bring this up again because I found yet another article on this idea of soul fatigue, and the idea that I’ve had for quite a while now…that we’ve been waiting too long now for Ascension!

A lot of old souls are really tired right now. The project Shift Earth has been lasting a few years too many and many feel that they are barely still standing while they crawl to the finish line.

Shit…I’m too tired to even crawl! They’re going to have to get a wheelbarrow to take me over that damn finish line! sigh Yes…this “project Shift Earth” has been lasting a “few years too many”…it should have happened in 2000! Then there was another opportunity in 2012…WTF has happened that we still haven’t ascended yet?!?!? I didn’t sign on for it to take this goddamn long!

I’ve decided to stop transmuting for other people…I am empowering them to do it themselves! I just can’t do it anymore…I need to take care of my own needs…physical, emotional, spiritual. If there are only 300,000 people ready for ascension, as Corey Goode’s ETs have said, then I totally intend on being one of them! So I have a lot of work on myself to do…everyone else will have to fend for themselves. Sorry, but little ol’ empath me is shutting down the empathy work. Tough shit on the whole not shielding to affirm that fear is not my reality…I’m shielding to protect myself from the rest of the world! It’s not fear…it’s self-preservation. Because ultimately, we each have to do our own work.

Now the article did have a nice little guided meditation to help recharge one’s energetic field…

Imagine the Source energy descending into your crown, spreading into your body, and recharging and uplifting every cell and molecule within you. And then see this energy descending to your root chakra, rooting into the ground and charging the Earth Core. See the energy then pulsing outwards, clearing and recharging the Earth field and its grids.

This is a simple grounding exercise though, and I don’t know if I’m up for helping to “clear and recharge the Earth field”. Sorry, but Mother Gaia’s on her own too. Despite the admonishment to

Honor your Soul fatigue, but also don’t quit… ask the universe to recharge you and know that it will. Also ask for your field to be cleared and for your energy to be topped up at night, so that you can truly rest when you sleep. Many of us need the rejuvenation.

I have been asking the Universe to recharge me and allow me to sleep while I rejuvenate…yes, this morning’s sleep was longer than usual and I awoke feeling calm (despite the shitty weather on a moving day). But it wasn’t sufficient, for I am now tired again and feeling kinda upset and discouraged by the lack of cooperation the Universe is showing me regarding this move. Ah well…maybe I’ll try the meditation again. I shouldn’t have packed my crystals away!!!