Well, I haven’t posted since October 30th, since my cable service was shut off on the 31st and wasn’t to be set up at the new place until November 2nd. Except I missed the tech guy on the 2nd, and without phone service, had to wait till the 3rd to see my sister and use her cell phone to call them to reschedule for the 4th. I waited until Friday the 4th to even set up my computer, mostly because I had waited till the last moment to take it apart and just threw all the cables into a box. I so didn’t feel up to sorting through all that cabling until I knew I’d have connectivity! Only to discover that my keyboard wouldn’t work. Well, it is 16 yrs old, so I figured it was time to spring for a new one. Except the new one didn’t work either, and the computer guy who sold me the keyboard isn’t open on the weekends (the joy of living in a small town!), so I had to wait until today to get a different kind altogether.

You see, I built my computer back in 1999 and have upgraded as time and money has allowed. The keyboard was the last thing I had to upgrade. It was a PS2 type, and something must be wrong with my PS2 ports because the new PS2 keyboard wasn’t being recognized either. So…fuck the PS2 type…I’m going with a USB keyboard! LOL Wow…it’s so streamlined…it’s smaller and more compact than my old one, but unfortunately it’s black. It’s dark in this corner where my computer desk is, and I’m having a terrible time finding the keys. I’ll have to get another lamp for over here. Ah well…I’m just happy to have my computer up and running again after a week!

I am mostly unpacked now, and settling in just fine…I am so happy to be through with the hassles this move has put me through! We had a nice day for the move, and got the last of the furniture moved by noon. As I’ve been unpacking, I’ve been breaking down the boxes and placing them all in one large box. And something is niggling at the back of my mind and telling me to keep the boxes. Oh God…I hope I’m not destined to move again anytime soon!!!! bleah