Well, no new place can be perfect, and I have already discovered a serpent in my new paradise…there is a mentally disturbed and low IQ person named Tammy living in Apt 2 (I am in apt 4). She has suckered my sister into feeling sorry for her, and she is taking advantage of my sister’s kindness and unwillingness to be “mean” to the woman. But the woman is a narcissist and something of a sociopath. She “feels” very off to me, and I do not have any desire to have anything to do with her. She is trying to become friendly, but she is the type that will be constantly at your door asking for things from you, and I won’t even speak to her. I will not start something with her! My sister feels I am being mean, but I am not inclined to have this woman bothering me all the time like she does my sister. As an empath, I can sense that she is bad news for me as well as my sister.

But my sister has attempted to make me feel bad for not wanting to have anything to do with Tammy, and I spent one MOTN meditation exploring the reason why I am so adverse to have anything to do with her…even to speak with her. I explored her energy, and it felt very “off”, and even dark. Then I realized she felt very much like the psychopath who did a number on my youngest sister! I had the same aversion to speaking to and touching this man as I do to this Tammy. I don’t even want her in my home, even though she has tried to come in to see my cats (she’s an animal lover, she keeps saying).

Now today I came across this article on Sociopathic Behavior and the Cure, which helped me to put my feelings in perspective.

Energetically they feel chaotic and not peaceful. They may seem to always be on edge waiting for someone to find them out.

Yes, this is definitely how this woman feels to me! She has this “look” that is dark and somewhat sinister that she has given me that kinda chills me to the bone. She has a little girl’s voice, and acts all girlie, but I can tell it’s just an act. My sister is taken in by her to some extent though. She doesn’t want to be harsh in her judgement of the woman, but she does want to avoid her too. But I’ve been an empath too long to let someone like this get a foothold in my life…been there, done that, won’t do it again!

The answer to this is to LOVE ourselves enough to be able to spot this immediately when we see it. We can not “care enough” to fix this person. They have to at some point learn to love themselves enough to work on themselves and learn how to genuinely care for others without expecting anything in return.

Exactly! This is exactly how I feel about this woman! I know there is nothing I can do to change her, and that she will just use me too if I let her in. So I do not want to let her in. I know that doesn’t make me a bad person, despite my sister’s opinion on the matter. I don’t hate this woman…I send her love and light from Source so that she will become a better person. I just don’t want her anywhere near me or mine! By being mean (ie. not speaking to her when she’s talking to my sister), I am hoping to discourage any future interactions with her. There is no reason for us to be a part of each other’s life just because we live on the same floor. There are 5 apartments on this floor, and I haven’t even seen the other 3 tenants yet. I usually do not have anything to do with my neighbors…and there is no need to start with this woman, who is a “friend” of my sister’s (ie. bothers her at work). I’ve told her she’s going to have to be “mean” to get her to stop, but my sister doesn’t want to be mean. sigh. People like this don’t stop until you make them stop. My sister will find this out the hard way. 😦

Addendum: here is another link that explains why empaths can act weird around inauthentic people.