I was reading this article before, and was guided to read it again, for it feels very relevant to me these days. The article is called “The 2016 Zero Zone Portal” and I stole the header for use here too. LOL

The Zero Zone, which is the number 0 energies existing between the completion energies of 9 and the NEW beginning energies of 1, is so different from the 1 through 9 energies that I felt, especially now because this Zero Zone is completely different from all earlier ones, that it needed to be an article all by itself. The other reason is that this Zero Zone is one huge portal. This late 2016 Zero Zone portal is what I’ve been calling the Separation of Worlds & Timelines. So you see, this is a very NEW situation we’re in now and will be for the rest of 2016, and I strongly suspect things will get a bit “strange” from time to time as we hurtled through space-time-reality with the reality clutch-pedal depressed and not in any gear at all! How very exciting…

Strange…yeah, that is how I’m feeling these days. I have unpacked most of the boxes from my move, and am mostly settled in. Yet I feel strangely lost…I am not sure what I should be doing with myself these days. I don’t know what I should do with my days. I don’t remember feeling this way in my last apartment…I guess I haven’t settled into a new routine yet or something. Or is it more than that? Could it be the effect of this Zero Zone?

The zero 0 energies are—at least during this Ascension Process—a highlighted disengaged, out-of-time period of transition between the 9 of the past cycle and the beginnings of the 1 cycle at a slightly higher level.

She talks about the last one in 2007, which quite frankly I don’t remember, but she remembers it as a time that I am feeling this time around…

I remember during December 2007, how strange things felt to me. I experienced multiple time anomalies, dimensional bleed-throughs, suddenly realizing I didn’t know where I was every moment, and very strongly felt like I wasn’t anywhere but in some weird neutral zone between spirals of beingness, reality and space-time.

Yeah…the “weird neutral zone between spirals of beingness, reality and space-time” thingie. LOL I am feeling really weird these days…not sure of where I am and what I should be doing. It is a very strange feeling, and I am beyond uncomfortable here. What’s it all mean?

This Zero Zone is like no others and it’s going to be wondrous even though it may feel a little strange occasionally and like you’re not sure where you are in The Process or “reality” (and it won’t matter one little bit either) as the old lower patriarchal past Earth world and reality falls away under the souls of our evolving feet. We’ve worked and waited a very long time for what’s just recently begun here in the physical dimension.

Of course there’s ascension symptoms associated with this Zero Zone…and I have been feeling some old symptoms re-emerge.

With all these energies coming in now and this Zero Zone portal being felt by many Forerunners already, it’s to be expected that our physical bodies will be affected by them.

Hot flashes, strange new sensations that are hard to describe, inability to eat again, acid reflux from hell, bowel problems, sore spine, head and eye pains…yup! I’m having a terrible time eating again, and the nausea that hits afterwards is putting me off food. Although strangely, I feel a craving for some things that aren’t supposed to be good for me, and they don’t seem to have adverse reactions in my system…things like chips, salami, ginger ale. And what’s even more disturbing is how “good” food that I love is making me feel sick…like the cabbage and cauliflower and beans that I normally eat. WTH??? I’m just going with it…I don’t understand it, but I’ve been praying to my guardian angel to help me with my food choices, and if that’s what I’m being led to, then…I dunno. I’m sick of eating, to be honest. bleah

I am also a little disturbed by the fact that my eye problems have sorta returned, but I guess this is a sign that the pineal and pituitary chakras are evolving…and probably the Well of Dreams chakra too, since it is located by the occipital lobe. I find I’m having troubles with my eyes drying out and having some trouble with opening my eyes upon awakening. There isn’t the pain that I used to have in the right eye though, so it does feel a little different.

But the explanation of the spine problems is reassuring…I have noticed for several months now that when I lay flat on the ground doing yoga, that my spine hurts. I have been worried about scoliosis or something. But according to the article, this means:

Sore, stiff spine again which means a lot more Light Energies are being absorbed, embodied and transmitted throughout our spines and skeletal structures.

This is reassuring to be sure! And makes intuitive sense to me, since I don’t believe there is anything actually wrong with my spine, so the pain was upsetting.

Then there is a symptom that I haven’t heard described before, but it was most noticeable the first few days I was here in my new apartment:

The world goes quiet and is no more. I’ve experienced this “symptom” repeatedly over these many Ascension years and I’ve always loved it when I’m in a space that everyone else isn’t, yet. They always catch up (Stair-steps) but it feels so peaceful and quiet when the noisy, insensitive world out there goes away for a few days or weeks. This will continue especially as we work our ways through these last months of 2016 and the Zero Zone portal gets closer.

It was strangely quiet in my apartment at first…it felt like I was in a bubble or something, and no sound was coming in. It was so pleasant…then a couple of days ago, the woman with the 2 little ones started playing in the stairwell, the waterworks is very noticeably rushing in the walls at night, and the door leading to the stairs is actually kinda loud when it is opened and left to shut on its own. sigh I hate apartment living. bleah

But the most wonderful of the new ascension symptoms is the

Feeling, Seeing and Communicating with your Team Light crew and they with you in NEW ways. For the most part they’re unseen even to the clairvoyant of us but you can feel them nearby all the time now.

The veil between the worlds is thinner now, and I am feeling my Team Light crew very strongly in the last several months. I have gotten new guides, and become aware of older guides in new ways. It’s a very exciting time spiritually, at least for me. I love that the communication pathways are so open! I have been feeling the love and support from them, which is so helpful since it is so lacking in the outside 3D world.

She mentions about ET energies, which I am feeling ready for, but I don’t know what she’s talking about here:

6D Sirians and Sirius Energies and Codes aplenty. So far for me at least the Sirians aren’t telepathing much, but standing back and watching how I/you/we handle these NEW energies coming in during the 2016 Lion’s Gate period. The communications will evolve as we do.

I do know there are plenty of ET races out there watching and waiting to help us…benevolent races who will be offering assistance when the final Ascension happens and beyond. I am hoping that since I am finding it so much easier to connect with my spirit guides, that I will soon be able to communicate with other ETs too. My starseed self can’t wait to become part of the Galactic community again! 🙂