Wow…just wow. That was a most surprising upset; quite frankly, I was shocked that Donald Trump won. Not that I wanted Hillary to win, but I really didn’t think Donald would either.

It seems the Republic National Committee (RNC) was shocked too. Wow…what does that say if your own team didn’t think you’d win???? According to this article,

No one saw this coming. Not the Trump campaign. Not the Republican National Committee.

The best data inside the Trump campaign and the RNC had Donald Trump’s chances of winning the presidency as a one-in-five proposition.

Even the fact that the RNC held the data briefing was evidence it thought Trump was likely to lose. Staffers wanted journalists to be able to report that their information was accurate in order to protect one of their chief assets in what most thought would be a fight for control of the party after Trump’s loss.

That’s pretty bad when your own party doesn’t believe in you. So what the heck happened?

I was watching David Icke’s analysis of what happened, and I have to agree with him…it wasn’t so much a vote for Donald as it was a non-vote for Hillary and the political establishment. Trump is not seen as a political goon so much as a rich billionaire goon. And let’s face it…the US is a corporation, not a country. I personally think that a prosperous billionaire might be a good choice to run the good ol’ US of A company…let’s face it, the politicians have done a shit job for decades!

I do think his win is also very much a statement by the American population that war is not an option they want…because it was very clear that Hillary would have started WW3 with Russia if she got in. I read something very interesting here:

In Russia, a top diplomat admitted that Moscow had contacts with Mr Trump’s campaign team before his election as US president.

Interfax news agency quoted deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov as saying “there were contacts” with influential people in Mr Trump’s circle, but did not go into details about what the contacts consisted of.

I like to think – no, I sincerely hope – that the contacts were about averting war. I really don’t get the feeling that Trump is interested in war, despite the fact that war is so profitable.

Realistically though, the POTUS is a puppet position, and the President ultimately has little real power. It’s what the shadow government wants, although it’s surprising they wanted Trump. But then, he is a billionaire and already under the Illuminati’s thumb, so he’s used to taking their orders.

I really don’t think it mattered who got in, but it seems on a higher level that the Illuminati are saying that WW3 isn’t a good idea either. Are the humans who are the Illuminati part of the Dark maybe making a stand against more chaos and tyranny?

I’m thinking that there is something else going on here, and Hillary was set up to fall in these last few weeks, with all the rantings against Clinton corruptness. The email Wikileaks were very damaging, and I saw many posts in the alternative media about how the polls are so fixed that I was certain she was going to win anyway. Hmmm…something happened to prevent that poll fixing I guess.

Ultimately, Trump is who got voted in, and I don’t think he’s such a bad choice. I do think he is the lesser of two evils. Of course, I am very glad to be Canadian at this point in time! LOL I’m not sure what his foreign policy with us will be, but I do think he’s not going to be able to get rid of trade agreements with other countries as easily as he may have thought. NAFTA has been in place for a long time, and there are benefits I’m sure his companies have taken advantage of many times.

Personally, I think a lot of his outrageous statements were just bluff…I don’t think he believes it on a personal level. I almost get the impression that he wasn’t serious about running, and was gobsmacked when he won the GOP vote for presidential candidate. I think he was trying to ruin his own campaign by being such an outspoken asshole, and I’m willing to bet he’s just as shocked that he actually got in! LOL I do think he will be in for a shock when he’s president…although…maybe he won’t be either. It will be an interesting ride, that is for sure! I am cautiously optimistic that it will be business as usual, despite who’s in office.